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Topic: Ride Cymbals - More Information?

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    Ride Cymbals - More Information?

    The Garritan JaBB Library has Ride Cymbals 1, 2, 3 and 4. I can't find any further information on the differences.

    Are these different makers, or are they left or right hand hits? Are they taps on the bell or rim or are they taps by the tip, shoulder or shank of the stick?

    Of course we can listen to the differences but it would be educational to know a little more something like: Ride 1 Tip RH, Ride 2 Shank LH etc.

    Most other components give a little more description such as: Snare LH, Snare RH, Closed Hi Hat LH, Closed Hi-Hat RH, Half Open Hi Hat, Ride Bell 1 and 2 etc.

    So, does anyone know if there are more details on the Rides anywhere.

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    Re: Ride Cymbals - More Information?

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael_uk View Post
    The Garritan JaBB Library has Ride Cymbals 1, 2, 3 and 4. I can't find any further information on the differences...
    Hmm. You're right - There's no info in the JABB manual where I just now had a look. I've always just tried different cymbals, grabbed one that seemed right for what I'm working on. It would be interesting to know what the specific differences are, but I'm betting that would be difficult to get info on, Michael.


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    Re: Ride Cymbals - More Information?

    The only person who probably knows this information would be Tom Hopkins. Tom was the programmer for JABB and also recorded the drums in his studio. Tom retired a couple years ago so I doubt he looks at this forum. You may want to try to send him a PM.


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    Re: Ride Cymbals - More Information?

    Thanks for your input Randy and Jim.

    I just thought I would try asking knowing it was a bit of a long shot.

    Four rides, still a good selection to choose from.
    Patience is a virtue, sensitivity is a gift

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    Re: Ride Cymbals - More Information?

    Note Garri JaBB are GM kits.

    A little about GM drum kit cymbals etc...

    Often *standard* kits --not jazz-- are mixed L to R which is "audience perspective"; this is most common GM-kit pan. Ie hats are on R while low tom(s) and rides are on Left.

    GM Key-Notes and Names (and *standard* [not Jazz] pan)--

    c#2_crash-1 -by hats
    d#2_ride-1 -opposite
    e2__chinese cymbal -usually outside of ride-1 [uncommon in real jazz kits originally]
    f2__ride bell -of ride-1
    g2__splash -by hats
    a2__crash-2 -opposite crash-1
    b2__ride-2 -...

    ...ride-2 can be an additional cymbal by ride1 or a playing technique of ride-1 OR a technique on another cymbal. It will generally be by ride1 but if a technique on crash-1 it will be panned there (rare on crash-1).

    [Jazz ride often was 'sizzle" containing little rivets around edge. Definitely most ride-2 of Jazz kits will be rivets samples.]

    !! ~>Note Garri JaBB drums are the common Jazz bank versions of GM kits.

    Ie pan/mix is...

    Hi Hats R

    crash-1 L (note now opposite hats by ride-1; crash-1 could even be a strike on ride-1)
    ride-1 L
    chinese R
    ride bell L
    splash C splash is center.
    crash-2 R originally UNcommon crash-2 is by hats.
    ride-2 R

    As said, ride-1 --or definitely ride-2-- should be sizzle. (Garri JaBB is lacking this --though the JaBB ride-cymbal-sample decay is passable.)

    jazz kits (and recordings/samples) are:
    .large (both cymbals and drum shells) with all drum skins/wires loose.
    .usually 2 toms: 1 rack, 1 floor.


    crash-1 is 18''
    crash-2 is 16"/17"
    [could invert those sizes]

    ride1 is 20'' but old jazz sometimes 22''!
    sizzle same as ride1 size issue

    splash is 10" or 8"
    china is 12" or 10" (an inverted flared edge deal --'tam-tam')

    Notation is corrupted by many "standards" --each software company does it differently. (Google.) Eg some have hats on top line(a); some the space above (b). Some have ride-1 on "a" line (bumping off hats, with ride bell on f line). Multiple strike techniques are notated VERY variably between standards; Cymbals generally are 'x's while drums are standard noteheads. Bass and snare are always low-A and e spaces, respective (2nd bass is "left foot" --so on low G line). The 2-3 toms (5 for the metal*: 3 rack, 2 floor ...plus roto toms now [*they go to 11]) are anywhere between the bass drum and cymbals [eyeroll]. [Don't rightly know how roto toms are handled.] Two different 'clef' types. Etc. (I hate morphing varible "standards". How very English --corruption. How does one learn in such a calamity?)

    Brushes would be denoted by text above staff saying "brushs" or "sticks".

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