Heavyocity Media is proud to announce our latest virtual instrument - AEON!

Enter a new era of deeply-sampled melodic instruments, cutting-edge tonal loops, and epic one-shots. AEON combines traditional, ethnic, and orchestral instruments with analog and digital synths to add a truly unique sound and texture to your musical composition. Now available for download EXCLUSIVELY here: http://www.heavyocity.com/aeon-collection

Now through April 30th, returning Heavyocity customers get the AEON Collection for only $349*! If you own any of our products (Komplete Ultimate 8 or 9 included) get an extra $50 off the AEON Collection. Simply enter your previously registered serial number at checkout and save!

- The Heavyocity Team

Check out the official Teaser, Overview, and Demos below!

AEON Demos: