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Topic: Pure Guitars or Max Strength Acoustic?

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    Pure Guitars or Max Strength Acoustic?

    Seeking opinions on \'Pure Guitars\' versus \'Max Strength Acoustic\'.

    I currently use the Hans Zimmer guitars on my Akai. They sound fairly good, but I\'m looking for some different sounds to complement these. Nothing exotic, just looking for the best basic acoustic guitar.



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    Re: Pure Guitars or Max Strength Acoustic?

    I got both, and currently I\'m using Pure Guitar mostly. It\'s got more guitars than the latter, which only got one. Yet I must say that I didn\'t spend much time studying and experimenting with the latter, which seemed very complicated. Maybe there are other people that know how to use it properly.

    Besides, I didn\'t like Pure Guitar until I boosted the high end. It sounds very different when you boost the high end.

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    Re: Pure Guitars or Max Strength Acoustic?

    Originally posted by Briody:
    Seeking opinions on \'Pure Guitars\' versus \'Max Strength Acoustic\'.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hi Mark,

    I cannot give you a comparison, but I can tell you that the Max-Strength Guitar is a very nice and full studio-mic\'ed Martin. Nice release samples, good clear recordings which work well. There are detailed individual patches, and mod-wheel \"performance\" patches which allow one to alternate between chick\'n-pick\'n and sustains, for instance. I\'d describe the imaging as a bit larger than life, which works well when you want an overall glossy-stereo kind of sound.

    Don\'t forget the Bardstown Archtop/Banjo set either. Those guitars are a little more centered and a bit less in your face in comparison, and work well when you want a guitar-sized guitar in a mix.

    Two other guitar libraries I really like are Danny Lux\'s Acoustic Essentials, which has mostly strums (with open-sus chords, very nice for bridging changes and not getting the chord, chord, chord sound). Also this one has a six and twelve string. And the Corrigan Nashville Hi-Strung guitars are recorded using the Nashville technique of hard-panned dual guitars with altered tuning. Think \"Lyin\' Eyes\" and you\'ll have the sound of this one in your head. Both of these have individual note samples, but are not nearly as suitable for line playing as the Max Strength or Bardstown.

    Sorry I can\'t give you the rundown on the Pure Guitar. Hope these comments give you some perspective.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Pure Guitars or Max Strength Acoustic?

    For what it\'s worth, my vote goes with Max Strenght. I love it - and the extra details become very useful and intuitive with just a little practice.

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