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Topic: Laptop

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    I want to run Sibelilus and GPO on a laptop. Any suggestions of makes and models would be most appreciated.

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    Re: Laptop

    I have a DELL Inspiron 8500... it works flawlessly and fast and has widescreen LCD. www.dell.com

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    Re: Laptop

    Hey Keith,

    I too had a Dell for a minute.
    It was a 2.4 ghz and it just about delivered the same horsepower as my 2.4 towers do.

    I did not end up keeping it though.
    Its way big and more than a bit klunky.



    These are two places I have been looking at.

    The Dell delivered Full giga polyphony with an external firewire drive.
    Atmosphere/stylus/trilogy were a bit of a dissapointment in that regard.
    They are clearly more CPU intensive and thus on the dell delivered less notes.

    I figured that the dell with external drive plus an audio/midi box weighed about as much as my little shuttle case does. So the dell did not stay.

    I am sure that by now there are some really thin pc laptops with big screens.

    The key issue is having seperate controller chips for the firewire ports. At least a dedicated controller chip. Dell was completely unhelpful in being open about this info.

    GPO will certainly not be a cpu hog. You should get a ton out of a laptop rig.

    And it will be WAY lighter than your roadbox was!


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