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Topic: Legend of Erthia - Armageddon OST - The Ruins of Felicia (Piano)

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    Legend of Erthia - Armageddon OST - The Ruins of Felicia (Piano)

    Here is the next composition for my project: Legend of Erthia - Armageddon. It is similar to a previous composition I posted a while ago, "The Etheral Void." The Etheral Void is actually the alternative version to The Ruins of Felicia, they both express on one thing: The End.

    This is the full arrangemen to, "The Ruind of Felicia."

    "The destruction... a once proud and glorious city... burnt to ash. The devastation, the pain, there is not a single soul left... Dark black smoke swarms the the sky. 1000 years into the future of Erthia... it happens... the term we know as
    Armageddon. The complete destruction and annihilation of life... It is up to five heroes to prevent this catastrophic Apocalypse. LEGEND OF ERTHIA - ARMAGEDDON."

    Libraries Used:
    - Black Grand (Sampletekk)

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    Re: Legend of Erthia - Armageddon OST - The Ruins of Felicia (Piano)

    Very nice, Richard - Gently tragic, in the mode of the "Erthia" music. And I like the sound of your new piano also - Thanks for listing its name.

    You know, the word "Armageddon" is used very often, and its meaning has become broad and generic, referring to most any huge battle with either total or nearly total devastation as its outcome. But Armageddon originally refers very
    specifically to a final show down on the battlefield of Megiddo, which actually exists, between other-worldly forces of Good and Evil, along with their earthly compatriots. It ushers in the New World, and the entire milieu of this battle, the Apocalypse, Armageddon, is purely Christian. - I'm just commenting on how all of the original meaning of these things has changed in usage, and that one idea is to come up with a new way to describe the kind of epic battle in your story's mythology - one that isn't tied so specifically to just one religion. I think perhaps a choice that has no connection with any religion could be a good idea to investigate. Just a thought.

    Thanks for very pretty piano music, Richard.


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    Re: Legend of Erthia - Armageddon OST - The Ruins of Felicia (Piano)

    A very nice and evocative piece. Definitely sets a mood. Very pleasant to listen to. Thank you.

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    Re: Legend of Erthia - Armageddon OST - The Ruins of Felicia (Piano)

    A thoughtful and sad piece...rich piano sound. Quite beautiful and another excellent track under your games banner.

    When is the game going to be finished? Any inkling? I see you got Ubisoft's permission to use some Might and Magic material - that's great! Very fond of M&M back in the day.
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    Re: Legend of Erthia - Armageddon OST - The Ruins of Felicia (Piano)

    Thanks for listening! For LOE - Armageddon (Might and Magic inspired) I have about 65% done and am thinking of releasing an official demo soon. LOE - The Etheral Gate (Ultima inspired) is still in the beginning phases. I deeply respect that Ubisoft has given me permission to used their assets, that was a huge help for this project. A lot of game companies wouldn't do that. I have a lot of respect for Ubisoft. Might and Magic and Ultima are my two favorite game series.

    Thanks for listening Richard! Piano solos are some of my favorites. I feel the piano really focus on mood and emotion more than any other instruments IMO.

    Thanks for the feedback! I own a few piano libraries now, but I am loving this new piano! It is everything I wanted in a piano. I purchased the close mic version. It has a warmth that I passion over. I spent lots of time listening to their demos... and then I was sold. Thanks for the explanation of Armageddon, I am a Christian and am familiar with the biblical term. However, for LOE it is based on the more general catastrophic term described here:


    EDIT: I know you mentioned the general term above. The events that take place follow that kind of conflict.

    Thanks for the feedback guys! Greatly appreciated!



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    Re: Legend of Erthia - Armageddon OST - The Ruins of Felicia (Piano)

    Hi Richard, really nice mood setting music. It has a bit of the flavor of Enya mixed with Yanni. I don't mean that in a negative way. It has the quiet power of being evocative , but only in a inner way. I really like this and would love to hear it arranged for instruments. A provocative string and woodwind soliloquy comes to mind. Nice work!

    Best regards,
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