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Topic: Piano Weirdness

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    Piano Weirdness

    Hi. I\'m using GigaStudio 160 on a 3ghz P4 with 1gig of RAM with M Audio Delta 44 card and a Midisport USB midi interface. Yesterday I recieved a copy of the Bigga Gigga Studio Grand 88 Piano lib. I\'ve got several other pianos (Vintaudio Yamaha C7, PMI and Bardstown Bosendorfers)that I like, but I was really looking for something more usable in a live situation without a lot of extreme eq. To that end I really like the Bigga Gigga piano.It\'s got a bit more bite in the high end than the other pianos without sounding brittle at all- really nice for a sub $100 lib. I have noticed one strange thing however. On certain notes in the high end, I believe around the notes E7 and F7, there is a tiny lag between striking the key and hearing the note sound, so that if you play an octave with one of these notes and the note below they don\'t both sound at the same time, ie. there is a little \"flam\" in the sound. It\'s a repeatable phenomenon and always occurs on the same notes and only with this piano so I believe the delay is actually in the samples themselves. I\'m pretty new to Giga and have had no experience at all with the instrument editor, but this strikes me as something that would be fixable. Anybody here have any experience like this and would be able to help me out? Thanks!

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    Re: Piano Weirdness

    Here\'s some additional info. It seems like the lag in certain notes sounding occurs in only the higher velocities. One of the presets is a darker piano utilizing only the four softer velocities ( the piano is 8 layers up/down)and the softer velocites do not exhibit this problem.

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