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Topic: Where can I hear the VSL demo from NAMM

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    Where can I hear the VSL demo from NAMM

    I have the demo cube, but it seems the demo I\'ve heard people referring to at NAMM is better and I\'d love to hear it. Is it posted on there site??

    Also, does anyone aside from beta development people have the library? Initially I thought the QLSO and Vienna were both waiting for Giga 3.0 copy protection. If there are some users out there, what are the system demands like and how many giga computers do you need to use the library effectively.



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    Re: Where can I hear the VSL demo from NAMM

    I\'d like to hear that demo too.

    Regarding the demo cube, was very impressed with the Trombone legato playing but not as much with the cellos. Quite frankly, I didn\'t like the sound of those at all. Anyone feel differently?

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