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Topic: Bundle deals...

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    Bundle deals...


    Check out the new bundles deal at www.scarbee.com

    Lot\'s of money to save.. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Bundle deals...

    I just added the right price for J-Slap and J-Fingered too.

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    Re: Bundle deals...

    Just took the time to listen to the demos and they sound great.

    I play bass myself (I\'m not fantastic but I can get by) so I guess I\'ve never really investigated the option of using a giga bass library.

    But the more I\'ve been using giga, the more I come to appreciate the convenience of playing instruments from the keyboard - so perhaps it\'s time to add a couple of bass libraries. Plus, I could write bass parts on the keyboard that I\'d never be able to pull off on the guitar.

    Two quick questions that I have after reviewing the articulation lists on your site:

    1. Are all of the articulations available in one instrument file via keyswitching?

    2. Are there any \"vibrato\" samples? From the sound of the demos there are, but I didn\'t see vibrato articulations on the list. But I might have misread.


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    Re: Bundle deals...

    Yup, Scarbee has done some of the best pop/funk midi demos I have ever heard!

    I really like that live one! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Bundle deals...

    Hi Kobb:

    Thanks! There are no vibrato (string up and down)
    I create these with the pitch bend.

    But there are other cool details like trill 1 (buzzing over the fret) and trill 2 hammer-on-pull off etc.

    You can also connect several articulations since they are *tails not pre-recorded articulations.:

    ex: Sustain+pull-off+grace-note whole-down+trill

    *tails: attack-note cut away.

    no limits really.

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    Re: Bundle deals...

    Thanks for the reply, Thomas.

    Yeah, you\'re right - effective vibrato could easily be done with the pitch wheel. Probably easier than using a separate sample.

    I guess I was still wondering how the articulations are organized within the instruments. Is it all done with keyswitching in one huge instrument, or are the articulations broken into smaller, separate instruments. I would prefer the keyswitching option, but I could see the value in breaking it up into more manageable chunks (in terms of RAM management for large performance files).

    Although having BOTH would really be cool. But that\'s just me being greedy. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Bundle deals...

    Hi Kobb:

    There are several different programs -approaches to my basses.

    One is the Jam bass which uses mod-wheel to alter between Sustained, mute, fast grace note and legat (hammer-on)

    Another one is the Studio Bass/Bass String E-G which uses 8 keyboard-triggers to control 8 dimeensions with all the articulations.

    Then there is a slide program (mix) and Harmonics.

    I believe you can download the entire help-file from my website.

    Currently I\'m working a Halion version which will have a completely new programming. This will evenmtually be adapted to Giga too - it has shown to be real easy and cool.

    I will post about this later!

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    Re: Bundle deals...

    Thomas, I\'ve loved your libraries, but not been able to afford them - now the full bundle deal looks fantastic, but I just blew my sample budget at SOL! Is this pricing going to remain for awhile?


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    Re: Bundle deals...

    Yes. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Bundle deals...

    Hi Maarten,

    The live one was really funny to do!
    I will soon make some new demoes featuring the special Halion programming.

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