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Topic: All Purpose Library?

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    All Purpose Library?

    My old Kurzweil K2000S just died, and I\'m moving on. I intend to use Giggastudio on the #2 machine in my studio, and I\'m looking for a good-sounding, multi-purpose library to get me started, that can pick up the slack from my K2000 (for which I had developed a pretty good library). Obviously I don\'t expect it to be as good as dedicated libraries, but what I need are good e-pnos, basses, strings, horns, etc. I mostly use real sounds, not synth sounds.


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    Re: All Purpose Library?

    Welcome to the world of plenty. Good time to get into this.
    Do a search for...
    EWQL gold and silver
    and Opus1

    They are the current (new) picks in the under 1000 buck category for full orchs

    then get yourself a big mug of coffee and get ready to read posts and download demo mp3\'s.... a lot of both.

    good luck and god speed


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