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Topic: Save Tara and Tara's Melody (Black Grand Piano)

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    Save Tara and Tara's Melody (Black Grand Piano)

    Tara's Melody (I don't have this arrangement on youtube):

    Well, since I purchased my new black grand piano I really wanted to put it to the full use. So, I decided to do some further arrangements with piano solos. I have decided to make one final arrangement for Save Tara with a piano solo. It is called, "Save Tara - Heaven's Angel." I also did a new arrangement with the melody I created for her remembrance which is just called, "Tara's Melody."

    I pushed myself to the limits making a very dynamic peace with both compositions including timing this time. I basically, sat at my home studio and thought about her while I listened as I placed each note and how I wanted this to sound. I carefully listened and placed each note as if it were played by a midi keyboard (which I am not good at).

    All I can say is, I fell in love with this piano since the beginning, and it has given me the opportunity to create the final piano composition of Save Tara, for her.

    Libraries Used:
    - Black Grand Piano (Sampletekk)

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