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Topic: Countryside

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    A symphonic poem about the Wyoming countryside; hope you enjoy.
    Composed and recorded in Finale with samples from Garritan Personal Orchestra and Garritan Instruments for Finale.
    My Music - https://soundcloud.com/davidrhepworth-1
    Your Friendly Neighborhood Skippy

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    Re: Countryside

    This is a very pretty piece. I see the countryside upon listening. You developed the theme well and the sound shows good usage of instrumentation throughout. I very much enjoyed your music here. Thanks for the post. Jay

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    Re: Countryside

    My dear Mr. Hepworth - This is simply outstanding. Lush, unabashedly bucolic, frankly American, boldly sentimental, gorgeously arranged and produced. I am thrilled you posted this for us to hear - we're honored, and should take much inspiration from it. Thank you so much.


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    Re: Countryside

    This is a wonderful piece. Perfectly paced and developed. It was a real pleasure to listen to. Thank you.

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    Re: Countryside

    Thanks for listening, I'm just thrilled you enjoyed it!
    My family on my mother's side is from Grover, a small town in Star Valley, Wyoming. I was lucky enough to be able to live there with my grandmother for a few years when I was very young. With this piece, I wanted to write something about my memories living there and visiting later for family reunions. I tried to combine those sentimental memories with my view of the beauty of the land and the lonely country lifestyle.
    Jay/Richard- While composing concert works, I often worry that my themes won't be developed enough, as I often have trouble with that aspect of composition. Thank you for commenting on that. I'm very glad it turned out well this time. Thank your for your kind words.
    Randy- I'm just honored to be able to share this piece here. Your praise is very kind. Thank you.
    My Music - https://soundcloud.com/davidrhepworth-1
    Your Friendly Neighborhood Skippy

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