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Topic: OT: New keyboard that plays VSTI's

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    OT: New keyboard that plays VSTI\'s

    Ran across this on the Cubase forum:

    A full keyboard with lots of sliders, running Windows or Linux. The focus seems to be on running VSTI\'s (comes with Cubasis bundled.)

    Between $2K and $6K. There\'s a page for developers, too. Dosn\'t say anything about running Giga, but it says it supports softsynths. Seems to be basically a keyboard with a 40 gig hard drive and monitor attached. Scheduled for release in spring of 2003:



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    Re: OT: New keyboard that plays VSTI\'s

    Yup. The keyboard is dedicated towards VSTI. Its mainly made for people who have to bring their lovely and fragile PCs around to gigs. Kinda attractive I guess for people who are into that.

    I think there are many wild news on the synth scene. The Evolver, The new neuronbased synth, the v-synth from Roland. Oh yes. Knobturners like myself will be totally aroused for the year to come. Mingling these things together with stuff like QLSO will bring VERY interesting results. Realtime surround manipulation on the Neuron?!!!Peeewwwwww.

    Love - Chris

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    Re: OT: New keyboard that plays VSTI\'s

    I\'m not sure it\'s just for VSTI\'s though: the spec sheet talks about loading softsynths and being able to sample. (And record--it comes with a CDRW installed in one end.)

    Even if it does just do VSTI\'s, though, that means it will run Kontakt and Halion, which means Giga libraries will load. May take the $5k version to really do everything, but if they have this working right, this is a very nice keyboard.

    (They say that an 88 key keyboard will be offered, and if I read their ad right, you can buy the basic unit and slowly upgrade it with a bigger keyboard, more RAM, etc. Hope that\'s a weighted 88 keys.)

    One problem may be that it only has one hard drive, and we know what that can mean for big piano and orchestral instruments if you\'re trying to record and play. Of course, I guess you could play to create a midi file and then render the midi to a wave, just like many people do now.

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    Re: OT: New keyboard that plays VSTI\'s

    Well. There you have it and it looks ugly too! But the concept is cool. Guess somebody gotta invent a portable solution for pc-farms.


    Love - Chris

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    Re: OT: New keyboard that plays VSTI\'s

    From what I read the workstation runs on WindowsXP, so I don’t see any reason why Gigastudio could not be loaded into the workstation. Didn\'t Creamware announce the development of a similar hybrid workstation two or three years ago?

    There are quite a few interesting appearances on the synth/workstation market this year, not forgetting the V-synth from Roland, Noah from Creamware, and then I have not even mentioned the new libraries. It’s going to be very tough to decide where my money will go, but I think that I will not have much left by the end of the year... [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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    Re: OT: New keyboard that plays VSTI\'s

    I really hope this makes it to market. I like the idea of having everything available from the keyboard.

    Seems as though it will be good for developers, too, since their potential customer base will now include gigging musicians who would pay just as much for a Yamaha or Roland synth, but now could have Giga and VSTI sounds (even if it won\'t run Giga, running VSTI\'s means it will run Halion, which imports Giga instruments).

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    Re: OT: New keyboard that plays VSTI\'s


    The company that makies this keyboard (I\'m not associated with it in any way), is now accepting preorders for several configurations. Their site says you won\'t be charged.

    (Does anyone have experience with preordering like this? A good idea?)

    My initial post said this keyboard was mainly for VSTI\'s. However it looks as though it will run Giga as well. (A second hard drive can be added.)

    The only downside, to me, is that the basic configurations (about $2250)only offer at most 76 keys with a semiweighted action. No good for pianos. Their specs say an 88 weighted keyboard will be available, but it isn\'t offered yet.

    The high end configuration seems a bit steep ($6K), as do the prices for some of the add-ons. I think it\'s possible to add your own hard drives and RAM, however.

    The info is at:


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    Re: OT: New keyboard that plays VSTI\'s

    What I meant to say:

    Their site says you won\'t be charged until the kyeboard is ready to ship. They\'re aiming for this spring.

    Looks good to me, except for the synth action. Comes with Steinberg\'s Cubasis VST. I\'d very much like to hear this with Giga and\\or Kontakt.

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