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Topic: Several music samplers

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    Several music samplers

    Guess it\'s time to put myself in the mix here and add a few clips.
    Two clips. The first one is a medley from the soon to be released URU soundtrack. URU medley
    I\'m using Giga for all the samples along with a Roland XV-5080, real duduk, World Winds duduk and Maasai tribesman. Some real percussion as well. Also the Didgeridoo and other primitive instruments library. Real singer (15 years old) and Roland strings.

    The second is African Montage
    It uses the Maasai as well as various percussion I have sampled myself, Heart Of Africa percussion, Distorted Reality, Roland 5080 and giga.

    Enjoy and feel free to comment.


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    Re: Several music samplers


    absolutely beautiful...Actually I really feel like I\'m on a Safari I took in June of 2003.
    Your mix, choice of instruments and expression is unmatched IMHO..

    Your giftedness is so eviedent in your scoring..


    Alan Russell

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    Re: Several music samplers

    What he said [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    Well, except for the part about the safari... never been on one [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img] ).

    But, the brass in the 1st clip of the URU medley seems a little fake... maybe they could at least take a little breath.

    The part w/ the singer is great.

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    Re: Several music samplers

    Really nice, Tim. Love the wraparound quality of the mixes...gorgeous. Tight bass, too. Reminds me why I still love my crusty 4412s.


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    Re: Several music samplers

    Excellent music. That 15 year old is quite a singer.

    If i start practicing now, will I be able to do that in 15 years? [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Several music samplers

    Thanks for the comments.
    The singer plays violin and piano to boot. Definitely need to write more for her in the future. Beats the heck out of a vocal sample library. [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]
    Dana- you\'re right about the brass. That is an older cut, and actually meant to sound less real than most, however, if I were to re-mix that one I think I\'d improve on the brass sounds.
    Bruce- I have some 4412\'s in may garage holding up some shelves! I did like those speakers quite a bit though. Enough that I can\'t sell them. I\'m using Genelec 1030a\'s now, and they seem to hold up ok.


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    Re: Several music samplers

    Great sound Tim, very impressive.

    I\'m curious about your mixing setup:
    what software, reverbs, plugins etc were used for these mixes.

    The singer\'s voice is gorgeous.

    Bravo indeed!

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    Re: Several music samplers

    Thanks Patrick.
    I use Digital Performer for sequencing, and ProTools for mastering. As far as reverb goes, I have a Lexicon PCM 91 and 81 that I use most of the time. Some of the reverbs are coming from Giga, and some from the 5080, but mostly the 91.
    Still my favorite sounding reverb so far. I\'ve tried Altiverb, and though I like it for sound design, I\'ve yet to get a feel for it on a music mix. More detail on my equipment setup here
    I\'m sure you\'ll be hearing more from the girl in the future. She\'s ready to break out if given the opportunity.


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    Re: Several music samplers

    What Didgeridoo library is it from? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Also, do you think its stil worth buying a 5080 at this point in time?


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    Re: Several music samplers


    beautiful! Very creative and realistic!


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