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Topic: Online GIGA information... feedback please

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    Online GIGA information... feedback please

    Being home for the last 3 weeks with Pneumonia, I figured I might as well assemble an online inforamtion site for those new to/interested in GigaStudio and would like your input... The link can be found by going to my website @ www.audioandmidi.com clicking on CUSTOM PC/DAW and then the GIGASTUDIO icon at the bottom of the page. There are several links from here, about what GigaStudio is and some turn-key systems that I\'ve designed and fully tested. I\'m not going to win any awards for website design, but hopefully this will help those new to Giga to further understand what it\'s about.... any feedback and ideas appreciated.


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    Re: Online GIGA information... feedback please

    Brad--I think most of us here are already sold on the benefits of Gigastudio over hardware samplers. Beyond your enthusiastic endorsement of this technology and some links to products and services that you sell, I don\'t see a whole lot of \"meat\" to the site, unless the viewer is an absolute beginner, in which case there are volumes of websites that offer the basics.

    If you are wanting to provide a resource that is valuable to anyone lurking around here, you could focus on any number of Gigastudio/soft sampler issues, but in a way that provides a thoroughly-researched, thoughtfully-organized compendium including all of the relevant links. I personally would love to see someone create a hub for the vast amount of information floating around in cyberspace relating to Gigastudio and software-samplers in general. Unfortunately, it will take a time commitment that probably goes beyond a few days of sick leave to create a site of this scope and quality.

    These are just my opinions--YMMV.

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