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Topic: OT: Cello VSTI

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    OT: Cello VSTI

    This is what appears to be a free cello download:


    (\"Telechargement\" tranlates to \"download\" or \"remote load\" in babblefish).

    Anyone familiar with the magazine that sponsors this site? French only. Seems to be both DJ stuff and fuller sampling.

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    Re: OT: Cello VSTI

    A free something always is a nice intiative...
    (and I\'m french, as well) - So I won\'t be too rude !
    But, frankly, I doubt you\'ll compose anything valuable with this thing. Have you tried to sustain any note more than half one second ? looplooplooploop...
    In fact I don\'t know if it\'s some kind of wave, or a very short sample. But it does sound terrible. I removed it within 5 minutes.

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    Re: OT: Cello VSTI

    From a Giga perspective, yes, this is not up to snuff: I don\'t think it\'s astonishing good, either. But if I put the Attack at 10 o\'clock, the Release at 1 o\'clock, and turn off the Slide entirely (awful), and add a little reverb, I think it sounds as good as a lot of hardware modules for medium tempo things. No way it can be used as a solo instrument.

    Leads to a question, though: a lot of the current crop of VSTI\'s seem to have short samples\\early loops. Does something in the VSTI interface encourage this? (I\'ve read many posts that say The Grand, Steinberg\'s VSTI piano needs lots of RAM and a very fast system.) Or are creators of VSTI\'s just coming to the software directly from the short-sampled hardware modules, without any knowledge of the difference longer samples make? (I\'m thinking of Roland, here: their SuperQuartet would be very good--no, not Giga quality--if the piano samples were just 5-7 seconds long. Instead, they used 1-1.5 second samples, as they do in many of their hardware modules, looping early and masking with reverb.)

    In other words, I wonder how long it will be before we start getting long samples in VSTI\'s.

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