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Topic: Seek paid consultant for VOTA & Utility

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    Re: Seek paid consultant for VOTA & Utility

    Just a post a note in the EW forum! The AUTHOR of the utility routinely seems to be available there. Is the program that hard to use that it needs a paid consultant?

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    Seek paid consultant for VOTA & Utility

    I am a composer working in Los Angeles (Burbank/Studio City area) and have recently purchased VOTA with the additional utility. I need some advice and assistance in setting up the utility and operating it-just until I get it going. I am willing to pay for this help provided the consultant has real expertise and experience with the library and related software. I will be using a gigastudio as sample player and DP 3.1 as a sequencer. I need this help immediately. Do you know of someone who qualifies that you could recommend to me? THANKS for your help! mark ruttle (323) 878-1960

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