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Topic: Final Fantasy Legend - The Tower (Salvation)

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    Final Fantasy Legend - The Tower (Salvation)

    Here is a very special and different arrangement I did. I started working on it the other day after my Zelda arrangement. This is from one of my top favorite games in my time, "Final Fantasy Legend." The game was originally created for Gameboy and then remastered for Wonderswan (Japanese handheld gaming system).

    What makes this different than my usual stuff is because it is a rock orchestra based arrangement and I have also mixed in some of the original composition's tune. It's retro meeting real instruments!

    Again, I started off with a basic midi file and ended up with a little more than twice the tracks. Dynamics are done with velocity. For a rock arrangement it is meant to mostly keep a steady level.

    Here is the midi I arranged this from:

    Libraries Used:

    - Garritan Instant Orchestra
    - Garritan Personal Orchestra
    - Dimension Pro
    - Sonar's Session Drummer



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    Re: Final Fantasy Legend - The Tower (Salvation)

    What fun, Richard! So cool the way you mixed in the original version. Sounds like you worked up that MIDI file nicely - that can be fun, also presents its problems, as has been commented on this thread.

    You could try importing audio and then picking things out by ear, like I did with "Siamese Children"--a challenge of a different sort.

    Thanks, Richard.

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    Re: Final Fantasy Legend - The Tower (Salvation)

    hey, nice catchy composition. Like the drums. Interesting juxtaposition of the different ensembles.

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    Re: Final Fantasy Legend - The Tower (Salvation)

    Amazing Stereo Sound!

    I like the mixing of the original 8-bit and rendered versions but the transitions somewhat abrupt. I think it would sound neat to do a slow cross fade between the two versions at the end so you glide back into the original texture.

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    Re: Final Fantasy Legend - The Tower (Salvation)

    Thank you all for the feedback!

    You are right Daniel, it does cut of too quickly... I wish I can catch these things before creating the videos. I'll have to edit that! I am just going to leave the video as it is, but the Mp3 will reflect upon the change.



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