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Topic: The clover waltz

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    The clover waltz

    This is a traditional jazz piano trio piece. It uses Galaxy vintage D piano, Trillian bass, JABB brush set 1 and additional percussion hits from a variety of sources. Please give it a listen and tell me what you think.
    Thanks, Jay


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    Re: The clover waltz

    I've probably used this line before - But the reply to your request is I think I love it!

    wow, all the instruments sound just great, and it's such a breezy, fluid and extremely musical rendition.

    I bow to you and your superb jazz chops, Jay.


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    Re: The clover waltz

    Thank you very much Randy! I was thinking that I may not get a lot of input on this because of the style, but I decided to post it anyway because I personally like the tune a little and I wanted to try out the Galaxy piano. I thank you for your input on this. Jay

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    Re: The clover waltz

    Sounds superb. Your production on these jazz pieces is second to none with all the instruments sounding rich and authentic. The new piano is just excellent.
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    Re: The clover waltz

    Hey Graham! Thanks a lot. The Galaxy piano does have a good sound to it. I have not purchased it yet, but I think I just might do that. Thanks for the listen. Jay

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    Re: The clover waltz

    My foot is still moving. I love jazz and when I listen to an arrangement like this I am reminded why.Very well done.

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    Re: The clover waltz

    Thanks Richard! I am glad that I got your foot moving with this. Jay

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    Re: The clover waltz


    When I hear one of your smooth jazz numbers, I always think that I’m downtown at one of my favorite clubs, relaxing and hearing this live.

    I can’t imagine anyone rending and mixing this style any better than you on any forum. I mean it!

    I bought the Vintage D about 3 months ago. It’s a perfect match for smooth jazz as you so expertly shown here. I also like the bass notes better than most sampled pianos. They’re just more rich and have that beautiful overtone ring to them .

    I also want to thank you for your answer to my question regarding a former post on how you compose for guitar. I really appreciated knowing how you go about it. It was very informative.

    Great tune,


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    Re: The clover waltz

    Hey Cass! Thanks for the listen on this. I had fun writing this and I am quite pleased with the sound of the galaxy piano. It seems to have a pretty good full bodied sound to it. I think that the JABB brush set is also pretty effective for this type of song. I was trying to set up a nightclub setting with this piece, with a laid back kind of sound. I am glad that it came thru that way. Your comments are much appreciated. Jay

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    Re: The clover waltz

    A really cool jazz tune. You seem to have a good understanding on how to idiomatically write for this genre. Loved both the composition and the rendering. I especially liked the piano playing and the harmonies. Good work!

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