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Topic: Miroslav classical Choirs?

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    Miroslav classical Choirs?

    Anybody have this?

    I\'m interested if it has some punch in fff, or...can it sound as good as VOTA for big cinematic writing?

    The demo sounds nice, but very mellow and tame.

    Any info is apreciated.



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    Re: Miroslav classical Choirs?


    Why not get VOTA? It is great and you have already acknowledged that. I have not used Miroslav so I can\'t comment on it. Do you already own VOTA and are looking for something to compliment it? Sorry I can\'t be of more help.


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    Re: Miroslav classical Choirs?


    I have VOTA and I love it...
    I need something that can come close to it in sound...not complement it..


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    Re: Miroslav classical Choirs?

    I heard the Vitous choir a while back and thought it sounded great. I don\'t know why they didn\'t release it here. It was all mellow though. No vibrato or bombast.

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    Re: Miroslav classical Choirs?

    Thanks Nick,

    I was wondering if maybe they have bombastic stuff, but not demoing it...
    Obviously not...

    oh well... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]



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    Re: Miroslav classical Choirs?

    they sound better than GPO

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