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Topic: Walpurgis Night

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    Walpurgis Night

    Since it is Walpurgis time, I figured this might be appropriate.


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    Re: Walpurgis Night

    Walpurgis! - Thank you for bringing that holiday back into my consciousness, Sean - And now it's Really much more vivid than it ever has been, with your elegant, atmospheric, and extremely intelligent modern classical capturing of the ancient holiday's spirit. I loved listening to this - Now I'm ready for Halloween again already!


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    Re: Walpurgis Night

    Missed Walpurgis again! Seriously, this must be like the 36th time.

    I've never actually heard of a Walpurgis. Do I get to go Trick-or-treating? According to ol' Wikipedia here I'm supposed to set something on fire. Oh dear. The neighbors will not be pleased.

    Fascinating piece. The brass swells after 4:00min and and the close are quite stirring.

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    Re: Walpurgis Night

    I love this. I love the mood, the orchestration, the harmonic language the whole thing. You are obviously a professional. I notice you are guitarist. I am a guitarist as well and I wonder if you would be willing to share a little of how you work-do you work at a piano or do you start your ideas on guitar, pencil and paper or something else.

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    Re: Walpurgis Night

    Thank you all very much for your enthusiastic words.

    Ha, ha, ha! I much appreciate your wittiness, Daniel.

    Hello, fellow player of the wondrously beautiful and endlessly challenging instrument--the guitar!

    I pretty much always follow the same process when I compose:
    1. I brainstorm and write every single idea I come up with in the sketchbooks I always carry with me.
    2. I pull the wheat from the chaff and refine good ideas further.
    3. I then put the ideas together in my mind like puzzle-pieces, arranging and rearranging the ideas until I come to
    the most logical and esthetically satisfying musical progression.
    4. I then write the finished work out in its simplest form on a single staff, changing clefs as needed.
    5. On that sheet, I write out my harmonic plan in red ink under the staves.
    6. From there, I go to orchestration, which I do by hand and always in pencil since I tend to be indecisive! This is
    the most rewarding part of the process for me. I often work in a park or some such place and, carefully
    following the dictates of my harmonic plan, I draw out the finished autograph score.
    7. When the piece is completed in hardcopy, I transcribe it to computer and sequence the final render.

    Thank you, Richard, for your interest.

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    Re: Walpurgis Night

    Thank you. It sounds as if the guitar is not even used in the process, which is something I have experienced. I am intrigued by the idea of mapping out a harmonic plan later on in the process. It sounds as though you have a lot of melodic material developed first and then you create a harmonic plan to support that. I am going to try that thank you.

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    Re: Walpurgis Night

    Sean! This is a great listen. I enjoyed. It seems pretty dramatic for a holiday type of piece, but it does not take away from the quality of the music. Thanks for posting. Jay

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    Re: Walpurgis Night

    Quote Originally Posted by jaynkate01 View Post
    ...It seems pretty dramatic for a holiday type of piece...
    Hmmm, you should Google up Walpurgis, Jay - It's a pretty dramatic holiday! It's at the half way mark to Halloween, All Hallow's Eve, and has an equally fascinating origin. People still dress up as witches on Walpurgis and roam the night - that gives you an idea about the pagan holiday.

    Sean, this piece is so stupendous - I'm really hoping more Forum members become aware of it. Stellar.


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    Re: Walpurgis Night

    I took the liberty of reading your bio on your website. I amazed that you are primarily the product of self study. An inspiration to all of us who have for what ever reason taken that path.

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    Re: Walpurgis Night


    Wow! Stellar piece here with superb orchestration. You do have a real innate talent for how the music develops and flows to the climax and end.

    It was really great that you attached the handwritten Title page to your music; haven’t seen one for awhile. Your cursive and note penmanship is very close to Beethoven’s autographed scores!

    Thanks for the education on Walpurgis Night. Never heard of it before, so as others suggested I went to the internet and read about it. (I first thought is was about a small walrus type creature from Australia that was nocturnal. Shows you what I know.

    Just a very effective capturing of the spiritof the holiday.


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