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Topic: Akai EWI USB / Garritan Player / Windows 8 -- doesn't work

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    Akai EWI USB / Garritan Player / Windows 8 -- doesn't work

    I'd originally posted this in a Technical Help room, and someone there kindly pointed out that most people hang out here, and suggested I repost my question here....

    I got a new Windows 8 laptop about a month ago and finally got around to trying to put a bunch of my "recreational" software onto it today. Got to the EWI USB and Garritan Player software and can't get it to work. The software will make a sound with the built-in keyboard, but I don't get proper notes with the EWI. Added ASIO4ALL, got the latest updates (such a they are) from the Akai site, and nothing.

    Grabbed VSTHOST and tried that - same effect.

    Tried turning on Windows 7 compatibility mode - again, no useful result. No response to the EWI.

    Anyone have any ideas on getting this working with Windows 8?


    I've got an old netbook computer kicking around here that I'm going to dig out and see if I can get it to run the program. At least then I'd have something still capable of dealing with the EWI.
    Poulsbo, WA

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    Re: Akai EWI USB / Garritan Player / Windows 8 -- doesn't work

    Hang in there, "Guy With Dogs" - Thanks for re-posting your issue here in General Discussion. If you look down the list of threads, you'll see there was a recent EWI topic and the active Forum members who are EWI users chimed in with their help. So give it a day or so, I bet they'll find your post and give you help.


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    Re: Akai EWI USB / Garritan Player / Windows 8 -- doesn't work

    I don't have Windows 7 so I unfortunately I can't give you an exact route on this issue.

    I would recommend using MidiOx (a downloadable midi utility) to isolate if your EWI is being recognized by windows and properly sending midi data..

    In MidiOx use the Options>Midi Devices Menu to see if your EWI-USB shows up in the list of devices. If it shows up, select it in the device list, try a few notes on the EWI and see if any text data shows up on the output monitor.

    This will help you to determine if this is a software configuration with Aria, or driver/device level issue.

    This does assume, MidiOx works in Windows 8. Such are the joys of living in the future.

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    Re: Akai EWI USB / Garritan Player / Windows 8 -- doesn't work

    I wish I could help you, but I haven't tried Windows 8 yet. As a check to see that you are doing all else correct, I have a few questions for you to consider.

    1) Did you plug in the EWI to the USB port first? The computer should first recognize the EWI is attached to it.

    2) Did you check the setup and make sure that the EWI is setup for Midi IN and Midi OUT?

    Those are things I sometimes forget to do on Windows 7 and feel foolish when I figure out my mistake. Also in the DAW you are using, make sure the Midi Device section shows Midi IN and Midi OUT checked or listed for the EWI USB.

    If none of the above is the issue than I am sorry but I can't help any further. You may also want to contact Microsoft Support and query them about the problem.

    Good luck,
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