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Topic: Namm Demos as they come up

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    Namm Demos as they come up

    Dear friends,

    Different sites post different information from Namm. I just happen to fell over the first demo from Rolands new weird synthial experiment. The V-Synth. There is a freaked up demo here:


    Keep on posting mp3-demos as you see them pop up on the sites you check. This way we can get the fastest access to Namm.

    Love - Chris

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    Re: Namm Demos as they come up

    pretty freaking cool!

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    Re: Namm Demos as they come up

    Im certainly gonna grab one of these. If the price is acceptable, which it probably wont be. But this monster will do nasty things to sound.

    The guitarsolo and voicesworks is so ****ed up! The beat sounds like somewhere between BT and standard MTV R&B ****.

    My god! Anything bad gets into ****ing stars here. I guess that would mean Osbourne could never use this ****ing forum.

    Love - Chris

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    Re: Namm Demos as they come up

    From hearing the demo, the synth sounds like it would be a lot of fun to work with; however, I could do without the hip-hop drums. So many of the demos emphasize hip hop drums now, which is a clear indication to me that the market that is being targeted for synths is(and has been for too long)mostly Hip Hop and Rap.
    To me, comparing the sound of full-bodied acoustic drums to the hip-hop drum sound is like comparing a high-resolution photograph to a cartoon. This is just my opinion though.
    Let me see, would I rather listen to the articulated sounds produced by the likes of Bill Bruford, Alan White, Carl Palmer, Neil Pert, John Bonham, Billy Cobham, or Jonathan Mover or would I rather listen to that quaker oats box THUNK that is so typical of Hip Hop? Even Wendy Carlos took acoustic sounds and came up with her own sounds by modifying the tuning tables on her synth - and that was years ago now. That sort of creative thinking appeals to me. That took imagination. When Neil Pert played a live drum solo in Rush, he would trigger a variety of synth sounds from his electronic drums that gave the illusion of a one-man orchestra That showed imagination. I know that I represent a very, very small minority regarding this subject, but that thunk is starting to interfere with my thought. It\'s time to move on to better things.

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    Re: Namm Demos as they come up

    Lewis wrote:
    But if you listen to its manipulation and check the specs - its to die for if you are into hardarse knobtweaking.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I don\'t doubt it and if it is not too expensive, I might buy one. It\'s just that the hip-hop drum sound has been pervading practically all pop music for the last 12 years or more, and for me, having to hear it is like having to eat Crystal burgers for every meal of the day. I remember the first time I heard the Roland drum machine back in the 80s (or was it the late 70s) and I thought to myself, I will wait until they get it right. It sounded like a toy to me. During the late 80s, synths, samplers, and drum machines started incorporating samples of real drums and it was a wonderful step in the right direction. Then, in about 1990, ironically someone with apparently a great amount of influence decided that the old toy drum sound was superior to real drums. If the recording industry is going to insist on shoving a synthetic drum sound or style down our throats, I am ready for someone with a creative mind and influence in the industry to stand forward and offer something better. It doesn\'t have to be real drums, but please, for God\'s sake, that thunk thing has got to go. When Hendrix wrote \"Go on Mr. business man, you can\'t dress like me.\", I think that he was refering to much more than just dress. Hendrix didn\'t want to (and didn\'t) play like you, me, or anyone else. If he did, he did it in his own way. He didn\'t want to think or act like anyone else either. I don\'t think that he would have jumped onto the present quaker oats box wagon, if he were still with us today. Do we really want another decade of that?
    Having said that, I would imagine that the new Roland synth has quite a few innovative features regardless and I look forward to exploring them.

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    Re: Namm Demos as they come up

    Yes, I agree. I think you gotta a point with all the HipHop/R&B things. MTV today is nothing but steroidpumped badarses and girls that makes Britney Spears seem intelligent. Anyway.

    I got a new link. This is a bran new DSP one track monophonic synth. But man! Does it sound great! What weirdness! What warmth!

    --- http://www.sonicstate.com/news/shownews.cfm?newsid=976

    Love - Chris

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    Re: Namm Demos as they come up

    This is another upcoming hypermanipulative synth with origin in neural networks.

    ---> http://www.hartmann-music.com/home/us/neuron/specifications/

    They seem to get pretty much backup from Hanz Zimmmer! Nasty! I am sure Spectrum have tried it... Right?

    Love - Chris

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    Re: Namm Demos as they come up

    How do you suggest the realtime modulation could be done otherwise? I am so off hiphip and r&b ****. But this synth is really groundbreaking - at least for knobturners. Classical freaks might not get the big thing out of it. But if you listen to its manipulation and check the specs - its to die for if you are into hardarse knobtweaking.

    Love - Chris

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    Re: Namm Demos as they come up

    Yes, both of those synths sound very intriguing. Ah, if we were only rich.
    Even though they were introduced earlier, Atmosphere, Absynth, Reaktor, and Reason 2 all offer a great deal of bang for the buck. I have these and I am still in the stage of just exploring the presets and tweaking the filters, etc. There is so much to learn and so little time - and now Reaktor 4 has been introduced!

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    Re: Namm Demos as they come up

    And... another one... soft and hardware synth from creamware...

    Demos here:


    Love - Chris

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