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Topic: GPO and JABB used for guitar project

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    GPO and JABB used for guitar project

    Hello, all:

    I have something a little different to post for your enjoyment... and feedback...

    Earlier this year I was contacted by a guitarist who had visited my website and liked my film scoring music. Making a long story short, he has an album of solo guitar music and was interested in having me compose original instrumental arrangements that we could add to his tracks, to create completely "new" pieces, using his existing material as the basis, and without changing his existing guitar music.

    It was an interesting idea, and I liked his guitar playing a lot, so I decided to take it on. I've done a couple now, and thought I'd let you all see yet another way GPO and JABB are being used to create new worlds of music.

    Here is a short excerpt of one of his guitar tracks so you can see what I had to use to start with (it is just solo guitar):


    Then, using only GPO and JABB, I created an arrangement to go with it that required composing new additional themes and figuring out all the harmonies and melodies to work with (he did not send me any sheet music; I had to do it all by ear). Sometimes I let the guitar do its own thing, sometimes I accompany it with the same melody from the guitar in other instruments, and sometimes I just go off and do something completely independent. But it has accomplished the task of creating a brand new piece of music that might open this guitarist up to a new untapped audience.

    Here's the new piece:


    I hope you'll check it out to the end (it's about 4 minutes)- the guitar part ends abruptly so I added the string/piano chord for a "better" finish.



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    Re: GPO and JABB used for guitar project

    Glenn! "Boisty Music"--! Fascinating - This is a really interesting post.

    There's a lesson here for us in that the guitarist discovered your work through a website you maintain with examples of your work. That's great - It can be difficult to have a site picked up and noticed, but even if traffic is slow, people can still discover what we put up. And so this project came about because the guitarist found and liked what he heard on your site. Great!

    Pretty amazing guitar work! I listened to his solo work first. Wow - And then the detailed work you did of working out backing tracks with Garritan, doing it all by ear. Fantastic - And the end result is so entertaining! There are so many clever things you did throughout to weave in and out of what the guitar is doing, harmonies, rhythms, textures. I hope more people hear this. I don't recall seeing anything else quite like this at the Forum.

    Really fun - Thanks!


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    Re: GPO and JABB used for guitar project

    Hey Glenn! What an absolutely clever idea this is. Your arrangement adds so much to the short guitar work sent to you. It was exciting to listen to right to the end. If the guitar player is playing live, he is one heck of virtuoso caliber player. What you did with this is just great and I plan to listen to it more than few times. Thanks for the post. Jay

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    Re: GPO and JABB used for guitar project

    Nice arrangement. It creates a nice setting for the guitar. Tastefully done. If I understand correctly the guitar is real and you created an arrangement to the guitar track?

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    Re: GPO and JABB used for guitar project

    Hello, everybody:

    First of all, thank you all for the positive feedback! This project has been a LOT of work and its nice to get some input, especially from GPO veterans and experts.

    In response to Richard, yes, the guitar playing is real (I believe there is overdubbing, but all recorded live), and the arrangement is all GPO.

    BTW- I tried to also create a recording where it sounds like the guitarist is "present", i.e. right under a mic at the front of a stage, and the orchestra is behind him, as you would expect to hear in a conventional orchestra/soloist recording. It seems (!) to have worked out well...


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    Re: GPO and JABB used for guitar project

    Hi Glenn,

    Nice undulating tapestry to support this infectious albeit, short guitar solo. The continuously changing orchestral backdrop makes the piece a nice length and it feels very complete without the conscious knowledge that it’s the same guitar lick over and over, in other words, doesn’t seem repetitious to me at all. I find the ending quite satisfying too. Nice conclusion you came up with for what you were given.

    Great job!


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