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Topic: Problem with Sonar X1

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    Problem with Sonar X1

    I am trying to mess with cinematic strings in sonar. The strings play the first time thru but when I rewind to play from the beginning, there is no sound even though the meter shows that there is something playing. I then close sonar and go back into the same file. I works fine for one play, then when I rewind it does the same thing. It is almost like some switch is being set or something. Does anyone have some thoughts on this. Thanks, Jay.

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    Re: Problem with Sonar X1

    Wouldn't know for sure, but 'no sound' issues for me are often from my forgetting that expression (cc11) had been set to 0 somewhere in the clip and when I tried playing I hear nothing until it hits a trigger point were the midi data had raised cc11. Could also occur with volume cc7, but I do not adjust cc7 data.
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    Re: Problem with Sonar X1

    It sounds like what I experienced. If it is what I had to do was put in CC1 data at the beginning of each track assigned to ARIA and then go to Edit--->Preferences---->Project---->MIDI and make sure that the box marked "Zero Controllers When Play Stops" is NOT checked. Hope this helps you.

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    Re: Problem with Sonar X1

    Give a cigar to RichardMc - he wins this morning's "Help a Forum Member" contest, with an able assist from Graham "Plowking"--

    Quote Originally Posted by RichardMc View Post
    ...go to Edit--->Preferences---->Project---->MIDI and make sure that the box marked "Zero Controllers When Play Stops" is NOT checked...
    That's what you need, Jay. That "Zero Controllers" option is On, checked, by default. It does exactly what its name implies- Whenever you stop playback, all MIDI Controllers are reset to Zero. So, unhelpfully, when you push Play again, the CC controlling the instrument's volume is down to Zero again, and there's no sound. -- Why Sonar has always had that particular default is beyond me. I suppose it could be helpful in some situations, but don't know what they'd be!

    Richard is putting a bit of data at the start of tracks so a preliminary level is set, but the CC1 he's using is for Garritan instruments. Graham mentions the CC you need for your Cinematic Strings, CC11.

    With "Zero" unchecked, Sonar will start playback with all CC levels at their most recent levels. You may accidentally have some "0" data in a track, like Graham talked about, and that can be confusing if you didn't intend that. And since Sonar searches back and sets all controllers at their last level, that's why inserting a bit of data at the start of each track is one way to work, but I never do that. With Garritan instruments at least, when you have "Zero" unchecked, instruments will playback at whatever level you have on their CC1 knobs in ARIA. I don't recall other soft synths behaving differently, but I suppose there could be some exceptions.

    What this issue helps us see is that you really need to have some dynamic volume data in all of your MIDI tracks. When you have a constantly fluctuating level of CC11, you'll always be at the volume level you want when you start and stop playback. Volume is often recorded/inserted after the notes are in a track, so early in a project you may have no data for Sonar to search back to - But, as I said, in that case, the levels will go to whatever you have set in the soft synth interface.

    Bet you'll be OK now, Jay!


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    Re: Problem with Sonar X1

    Hooray! I knew you guys would come thru on this. I had no idea that the zero controller check box was even there. I made the suggested changes and everything works perfectly. Thanks a lot to you all. Jay

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    Re: Problem with Sonar X1

    When I had this problem, I found the solution here on this forum from a guy named Randy.

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