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Topic: Final Fantasy VI - Celes's Theme (Dreaming)

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    Final Fantasy VI - Celes's Theme (Dreaming)

    MP3 Download:

    This is another video game arrangement I completed just today, I started on it a few days ago. I have been having the urge for these the last little while! This time it is with Celes's Theme, from FF6. It is a very popular theme in the gaming communities like Terra's Theme also from FF6.

    Libraries Used:
    - Garritan Personal Orchestra
    - Black Grand Piano (Sampltekk)

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    Re: Final Fantasy VI - Celes's Theme (Dreaming)

    This is my first time commenting on one of your post Sururick, but as I was born and raised on RPG's and Nobuo Uematsu I really do like hearing your arrangements of each piece. The piano in this really gives it a different feel than I ever thought it had.

    I really like it as a whole the strings keep it nice and mellow but very surreal, you are doing a great job at this and I really do love remembering these pieces with your new adaptations.

    Good Work,

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    Re: Final Fantasy VI - Celes's Theme (Dreaming)

    Very pretty, Richard - I notice you're not using Instant Orchestra so much anymore? The new piano and GPO sound very nice on this, but was just wondering.


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    Re: Final Fantasy VI - Celes's Theme (Dreaming)

    Thanks for the kind words. I also grew up with this and love this type of music. Video game themes are one of my favorites!

    Thanks for the feedback Randy! For the last few arrangements indeed I haven't used much of the GIO. I have been playing around a lot with this lovely piano, I am so glad I made the investment in this. It is one of the best piano's in sampled libraries I have heard. The warmth and closed mic recording just charm me!! I have always loved the piano. GPO, I am really enjoying this library I am finding the string section really lush and pretty. I wanted to give GPO a good shot in my compositions without GIO. By all means, GIO is far from out of my library... I am just playing around with GPO a little more right now. Once I get into my second symphony for Save Tara, GIO will be the main library. It still is my FAVE!



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