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Topic: The Sky Call Us

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    The Sky Call Us

    I'm searching for a new path in music and this is what I've come up with so far. This piece is something I thought of while I was at work. Its not fully complete yet but I am very content with how it is so far. Its low instrumentation, Harp Violin Drum Set Bass Guitar and Cello(s). Its fairly repetitive but I'm hoping to change that soon...
    Any feed back will be great!



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    Re: The Sky Call Us

    You're off to a nice start with this, Joseph. The production sounds nice and full. It can be tricky to have a melody line that makes such big jumps between notes. That will probably develop and smooth out as you go. The "B" section is so sparse as to be abstract, which can be fine of course, but right now there's a discontinuity between it and your repeating "A" section.

    When I saw the title as listed here, I was wondering about the use of language, "The Sky Call Us" - but I see at the site, it's "The Sky CallS Us"--which of course is better.

    Have fun as you go forward.


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    Re: The Sky Call Us

    This was pleasant to listen to. The themes are nice though my ear sometimes wants some variation but that is just me. Look forward to hearing more from you.

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    Re: The Sky Call Us

    Inventive. You have a unique individual voice. You went to unexpected places and I liked it. I wouldn't mind hearing a little something in the string pad...maybe dynamics or moving voices...just me

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