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Topic: Attack of the Clones Soundtrack

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    Attack of the Clones Soundtrack

    I know this isn\'t exactly the right place for this but, let\'s face it, when you use the \"contact\" link on the web site of a record label you get no response whatsoever. And there are people on this forum who seem to be extremely well connected.

    Does anyone know if, and when, there\'s going to be a 2CD release of Episode II? Is John Williams just so ticked off at how his music got treated that he can\'t be bothered?


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    Re: Attack of the Clones Soundtrack

    Initially they hadn\'t intended to release a 2cd AOTC, but eventually SONY acknowledged the many requests for an expanded version through a petition that was circulating in the film music underground. They\'re possibly releasing it. I\'m not really sure though. Maybe there will be a black market bootleg or something.


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