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Topic: OT:Latest Namm News (for people who can't attend)

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    OT:Latest Namm News (for people who can\'t attend)

    My dutch pro audio dealer keeps tabs on the latest news from the Namm.

    Don\'t worry, all the news is in english! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    That V-synth from Roland looks like it could do some major damage!



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    Re: OT:Latest Namm News (for people who can\'t attend)

    Thx for info. Damn. That synth seems cool. Laserbeam realtime modulation. Any techfreak gotta love that. We can all be our own personal Jean M. Jarre for a moment. Now all we gotta do is hear the bastard. 2003 is gonna be a SUPER year.

    Love - Chris

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