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Topic: ReverbX from TimeWorks?

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    ReverbX from TimeWorks?

    Anyone have any experience with it, or any opinions?



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    Re: ReverbX from TimeWorks?

    It\'s very nice.

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    Re: ReverbX from TimeWorks?

    Thanks Bruce, but does anyone know how it compares to other software and hardware reverbs on the market?


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    Re: ReverbX from TimeWorks?

    Not too long ago, I did a comparison of just about every software reverb that had a demo available. Reverb X was one of my favorites- you can get some very rich sounding plates going, if that\'s your thing. The only problem I found was that it was veeerrrry cpu intensive with many settings, and some settings I couldn\'t play in real time at all (I was using an 866P3 at the time with 512meg RAM- I\'ve since upgraded). Also, with the ability to freeze tracks in Cubase SX2 now, I may take another look.
    I strongly advise you, or anyone else, tajing advantage of demos when available and doing these kinds of comparisons.
    ReverbX is definitely worth a look.

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    Re: ReverbX from TimeWorks?

    ReverbX is a very nice sounding reverb, but it is VERY CPU intensive if you use anything other than the plates. There are others that I think sound as good or better that are much less demanding, such as Sonitus (my new favorite). It has been my experience that it really depends on the material. I have not found a single reverb plug that is good on everything. So I try several and pick the one that sounds best.

    -- Martin

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    Re: ReverbX from TimeWorks?

    I have the other verb from TimeWorks, the 4080L, which I really like. It is not as expensive and has a relatively low CPU usage. I believe you can download a test version which runs for a few weeks.
    I use it in \"midi-mode\", in combination with FX3 SoundStage, TrueVerb ER\'s and RenVerb. For mixing down, nothing beats impulses, of course.
    Mail me if you want to have my preferred settings (peter @ PeterRoos.com).

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    Re: ReverbX from TimeWorks?

    Anyone tried the demo? I can\'t seem to get any audio out of it!


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