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Topic: Stabat Mater | Pergolesi

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    Stabat Mater | Pergolesi


    Just finished a new recording of Pergolesi's beautiful Stabat Mater - 1st Movement.


    This is a strings and pipe organ recording only - no vocal parts. Strings GPO4 and CPO.



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    Re: Stabat Mater | Pergolesi

    This sounds very nice to me. I like the piece of music that you chose to work with. Thanks for the post. Jay

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    Re: Stabat Mater | Pergolesi

    Thanks for the comments. CPO - classic pipe organs - have I got that wrong?


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    Re: Stabat Mater | Pergolesi

    No sir, you've got it right.


    By the way, excellent recording...very beautiful and ambient.

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    Re: Stabat Mater | Pergolesi

    This is the third time I attempt to respond to your posting, twice it got lost somehow,because of my clumsiness or a computer glitch?
    Anyhow, The Stabat Mother is a great work of yours. I went back to it three times and liked it more and more. It is totally amazing what wonderful tools we have and what incredible results are possible with the right talent. By now, we take this wonder as natural, and even complain that it is not as good as we would like it. Imagine if we would have had this thirty years ago? Or, if Pergolesi would have heard his work this way?
    The Miserere is my all time favored choral work, your version is very nice!
    Regarding Widor's Toccata, you played it in? Beautiful.
    I once, maybe 60 years ago, I heard a piece by Cesar Franck, with similar toccata-like playing, and never could find it since. I wonder if you can think about a piece like this by Franck? I realize that this is not enough information, but after hearing this on the radio, I tried to play it from memory, but never really managed it...
    Thanks for posting.


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