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Topic: Any NAMM sales from soundsonline.com??

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    Any NAMM sales from soundsonline.com??

    Since typically soundsonline.com has sales which correspond to trade shows, etc....I was wondering if there were going to be any announced for this weeks NAMM show?

    What about specials for NAMM participants?

    Anyone know? Anything to look forward to?

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    Re: Any NAMM sales from soundsonline.com??

    Hehehe. Anything to look forward too? Only QLSO, Stormdrum, Percussive adventures, Wirez and 20 other titles. Doug promised to put demos of the products on soundsonline.com at the same time (or maybe a little later) as they are presented on NAMM. We are many who are totally dying here to hear the demos of QLSO. I for one almost stopped sleeping because of it.

    Reg. sales... I dont know... : (

    Love - Chris

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