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Topic: VSL Concert Guitar demo is up

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    VSL Concert Guitar demo is up

    I just noticed that the demo has appeared in the last couple of hours. I listened, but will defer to the pro guitarists to critique.


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    Re: VSL Concert Guitar demo is up

    It has the typical \"small box\" feeling sometimes, it seems like it\'s a romantical guitar instead a modern one becuase of the too tiny sounf in the upper strings
    You can hear the stitches too, i mean, a single note sounds, and the next hammer sounds like from another place, and the next trill from another one. They don\'t join perfectly

    This said, it\'s the best sampled guitar i\'ve heard so far, and being a guitarist i can say it must have been a hell of work to get it done. However, there is still some room for improvement in classical guitar sampling

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    Re: VSL Concert Guitar demo is up

    Definitely good for ensemble work. I agree it is the most convincing sampled guitar I have yet to hear. The chords ring out very nicely, however the runs do have a synthy sound and feel.

    Still, for someone who is not a guitarist, this would make a nice addition to their arsenal of sample libraries.


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    Re: VSL Concert Guitar demo is up

    This Concert Guitar is definitely a must have. I am extremely impressed with this beautiful instrument!

    As always, Herb and his Vienna team have done another outstanding job!

    Kip McGinnis
    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: VSL Concert Guitar demo is up

    What a petty, I was looking forward to a guitar that would stop me ever wanting another one. But VSL Concert Guitar, how beautiful sampled it may be, has got the wrong tone for me. In Pure Guitars (Yellow Tools) I didn\'t like the Nylon Concert either. When it comes to nylon strings, the Nylon Spanish, found on the same CD, is one of my favorite acoustic guitars. I think it has something to do with using finger and nail instead of only the nail to produce a softer round tone, which is what I prefer.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: VSL Concert Guitar demo is up

    No MP3. Can\'t download it.

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    Re: VSL Concert Guitar demo is up

    Open it up and then right-click on the media player.

    Select properties and it should give you the link to copy

    Now open windows media player

    Select File | Open URL

    Then paste it.

    Ben H

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    Re: VSL Concert Guitar demo is up

    Sorry should have mentioned you need to copy and paste 2 parts.

    First copy and paste the location, then put a backslash /
    Then copy and paste the file name.

    So the actual concert guitar link will look like this:


    Hope this helps.

    Ben H

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    Re: VSL Concert Guitar demo is up

    Thanks a lot Ben. Much appreciated.

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    Re: VSL Concert Guitar demo is up

    I think there is enough in the demo to suggest the best sampled concert guitar ever produced, by a very large margin. Nothing I\'ve heard comes close to this.

    Alex, it doesn\'t sound like \'just nail\' to me (I\'ve no idea how one would do that - really long nails, I suppose). But I know what you\'re getting at. There is a kind of sharpness, especially in the higher registers. I don\'t think that\'s a problem though. It just sounds like interpretation/the guitar to me.

    I\'d like to know if the hammers are producable in real-time playing. (And vibrato)

    I studied classical guitar for five years and attended masterclasses with some of the best in the world. I don\'t think I\'ve ever met any guitarist who would even question that this isn\'t a guitarist playing live. (Let\'s remember the real world where they just listen to something without any prior heads-up.)

    Huge congratulations and much kudos to the guys at VSL for producing such an instrument. VSL are doing amazing things.

    It is a work of art.

    I look forward to using my Ztar to play classical guitar (how strange is that?)

    I can\'t stop listening to it.

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