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Topic: Bells

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    Are there libraries of bells alone? I\'m particularly interested in the bells used on nightly news theme songs. The bells sound so full and I was wondering if they use samples or real bells.
    Thanks Travis Barnes

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    Re: Bells

    Michiel, I notice some of your other products I might be interested in (Orchestral set, etc.,) are they available in the US? Soundengine does not seem to show them.


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    Re: Bells

    I am also wondering if these are available anywhere in the U.S.



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    Re: Bells

    The ChurchBells (and all my other libraries) are available in my on-line store. The ChurchBells are not available through other chanels.

    Some of my other products are carried in the US by BiggaGiggas, SoundEngine, TASCAM and East West.

    Michiel Post

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    Re: Bells

    SoundEngine informed me that they will be carrying ChurchBells (actually a compilation cd with ChurchBells and Anvil). Should be available soon.


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    Re: Bells


    HOw long does it take to get the Church bells shipped to the USA?


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    Re: Bells

    Just borrow some from your local church. Just make sure you have a big enough house to keep them in and if you haul \'em upstairs make sure you have really strong floors becuase those big bells can be heavy and you wouldnt want it to fall through your floor destroying your house... or nothin\'....

    *echo echo*


    *clears throat*
    Anyways, Robert! Do you have any sliders music I can download or buy! In fact do you have any music for sale or for download?


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    Re: Bells

    Ref Bells,

    I have a particularly nice, natural sounding set of 8 (F# to F#) done in a country English church \"up in the hills\" - ie: without city noise....
    Originally commissioned by the BBC for use in a production of Ives Symphony 4 conducted by Andrew Davis and broadcast likewise. Also used together with a few other odds and ends such as marching feet, guns, explosions and a factory hooter (actually an organ Tuba Mirabilis) for the Prokofiev Cantata conducted by Mark Elder and also broadcast by Radio 3.

    I have sorted them (the bells) for GS and they will shortly be available both as long sustains, \"at hand\" as well as extended/resampled \"registers\" to provide an acceptable Carillon.

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    Re: Bells

    Originally posted by Robert Kral:
    HOw long does it take to get the Church bells shipped to the USA?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hi Rob,
    Regular shipping (free of charge) is 7 to 8 dyas. FedEx costs $40 extra, and delivers within 24 hours.

    Michiel Post

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