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Topic: Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique, Op. 14 (Complete, GPO4)

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    Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique, Op. 14 (Complete, GPO4)

    Hello all!

    If you remember me, i was active on the forum here a little last year. I posts several of my work on here to mixed reviews, learned about the machine gun effect and how to fix it, and listened to some great work and met a lot of interesting people. I took a brief hiatus, and i back logged on about two week ago. Since then, i've been quiet moving about the forum, listen to more of promising composers music and seeing what everyone is up to. This time, i wanted to share this familiar masterwork with everyone here.

    Here is my recording of this wonderful work and one of my favorite symphonies: Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique. I worked for hours on this, fine tuning each and nuance i possibly could (and worked my hardest to elimate the machine gun effect), including tempi and instrument specifications: i even had to employ several other instruments from soundfonts. So, technically, i am 'conducting' this performance.
    Everything is GPO4, except the following:
    The trumpets, which was a free soundfont called (trumpet vibrato)
    The cornet, which was another free SF
    The E-Flat clarinet, yet another free SF
    The timpani in the 3rd and 4th movements (from Project Sam's True Strike)
    The col legno strings, more free SFs
    and the snare drum from the 4th movement, which was a giga file from the G-Town sampling project converted to use with GPO4 in the aria player.

    And please, nothing technical this time. Just enjoy the music


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    Re: Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique, Op. 14 (Complete, GPO4)

    Hi Quinn.

    I really enjoyed your work – even I need more extra time to listen to the entire Symphony.

    Great conducting. As I already stated in this forum, here you can find performances that are superior in taste to more than one from regular (real) orchestras and conductor.


    I go on listening...
    Arrigo Beyle / Milanese / Lived, wrote, loved -- Stendhal
    Being Italian is a full-time job -- B. Severgnini

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    Re: Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique, Op. 14 (Complete, GPO4)

    Of course I remember you, Quinn - It's always a relief to see people pop back in who disappeared from the Forum. Just stay put this time! lol.

    It surely is a wonderful symphony. There's no mystery why you would Want to be absorbed by it during the weeks of work it takes to do a MIDI version of something with such scope and size. Totally thrilling project.

    When I see that someone has taken it on themselves to work up a rendering of something already composed, I always think of the joy some people get from doing a paint-by-numbers project. Sometimes, the resulting level of artistry in their meticulously executed painting isn't too high. They've filled in the requisite colors and let the original piece of art provide do all the speaking. BUT when someone actually goes beyond the limitations of the tools they're working with, and their own personal artistry shines through, then it becomes an accomplishment of much more note. And that's what you've done here.

    Your results - this rendering/recording, is outstanding. Surely you have to be very pleased with it.

    I think what you've achieved here is astounding. Hats off to you, and a very prolonged round of applause!


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