Just reinstalled JABB after a long time. First time using with Sonar X2. My issue is that everything seems to be correctly configured but when I play notes on my external keyboard, I hear no sounds. Yet when I press notes on the keyboard on the ARIA interface, I hear sounds. Already tried this from their site with no luck:

We are aware of a problem in which Sonar resets all controllers to zero by default. To fix this, follow these steps:
Select the Options | Project menu. Click the Midi Out tab on the dialog box. Uncheck Zero Controllers When Play Stops. This should stop the controllers from resetting. Note: In SONAR X1 Producer the commands are in a different place: Edit > Preferences > Project > MIDI > Zero Controllers When Play Stops. Edit > Preferences > Audio > Playback & Record > Play Effect Trails After Stopping.

Any help appreciated.