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Topic: Trumpet Range (in sound libs)

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    Trumpet Range (in sound libs)

    Hi all, I need to get trumpet which have range up to F5 or higher sampled. What lib have the pro range sampled?

    Which make me ask the following question: Why doesn\'t sample developer post info about the sample range?

    Does VSL and EWQLSO both has the complete range of the instruments sampled?

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    Re: Trumpet Range (in sound libs)

    Stretch the sample region.

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    Re: Trumpet Range (in sound libs)

    I\'d say, don\'t panic, stretch it out [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Trumpet Range (in sound libs)

    Should I just stretch the last region? Does it sound convincing?

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    Re: Trumpet Range (in sound libs)

    My guess is that how well it works depends on how far you\'re stretching the top samples, among other things.

    But it\'s not going to sound right in an orchestral context if it\'s too high, and in a band context you probably want to double trumpets up there with a flute anyway, in which case you can probably get away with it.

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    Re: Trumpet Range (in sound libs)

    Hey Falcon, wouldn\'t a piccolo trumpet instead of a regular trumpet be more appropriate? Or is that what you meant when you said trumpet?

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    Re: Trumpet Range (in sound libs)

    Heheheh... guys, I wasn\'t asking for orchestration advice or comments about that. But thanks anyway. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] I need this for few of my pieces - including a new trumpet concerto.

    A_Sapp - Piccolo trumpet sound different than the Bb-, C-, D-trumpet playing in its (pro) high range.

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    Re: Trumpet Range (in sound libs)

    Falcon, I rarely hear higher than high D or E in film scores, and that is pushing it very high already. You sound as if an F is a must and almost like its very common which it isn\'t.

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    Re: Trumpet Range (in sound libs)

    I can\'t verify it right now, but I bet that Dan Dean\'s solo trumpet contains the entire \"high pro\" range. You can buy it separately from DDSB for $ 90 - $ 120. Just ask Dan about this (www.dandeanpro.com)

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    Re: Trumpet Range (in sound libs)

    As a trumpet player, I can tell you that range is really uncommon and tough for even virtuosic players. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] You don\'t need orchestration advice? Well, why don\'t you pick up a trumpet and try hitting triple F\'s and G\'s cleanly.

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