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Topic: New guitar VSTI plugin

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    New guitar VSTI plugin

    Ran across this on KVR: A new guitar VSTI is coming out in January:


    There are demos on the site of a Takamine acoustic. Sounds interesting--they\'ve sampled every note and they seem to have recorded velocity layers. (Not sure if they\'re recorded layers or just used a filter set to velocity sensitivity--why do companies not understand that we understand these things and not state directly what they\'re doing?)

    No legato passages or exposed solos or sustained chords in the demos, but the strums they\'ve recorded sound good. I suspect the mics were put near the fret board--I hear a little more string than sound board in there. On the other hand, you hear some wood, and a little fret noise and tapping.

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    Re: New guitar VSTI plugin

    the demos sound too damn fake....nothing close to real...

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    Re: New guitar VSTI plugin

    hehe sound funny.

    the only thing i know where this could be useful is in blacksoul music where they use arftificial guitar all the time [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: New guitar VSTI plugin

    Well, I didn\'t think they were great, but I didn\'t think they were horrible--the guitar is such a hard instrument to sample that maybe I\'m a little too forgiving.

    Does anyone have plans to make a full acoustic steel string library? This would be great to have as a VSTI, with ten velocity layers and every note samples of a dreadnought Martin or Gibson. (Takamine seems like a particularly hard guitar to sample if you want a sound with a lot of wood--the ones I\'ve played, at least, seem crisp and clear and well-balanced, but they take several years to develop a rounder tone.)

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    Re: New guitar VSTI plugin

    I wonder if the people who said that Realguitar sounds fake or horrible did not listen to the wrong demos :
    if you follow the posted link, you arrive on rythm\'n chords demos page.
    Rythm\'n chords is a -not so bad- midi plugin, but the final result heavily depends on the guitar sound you feed him with.
    This new vsti is Real Guitar and demos are in fact on another page, and to my ears they do sound good.
    And believe me, I am so interested in guitars, and have been so many times been disapointed by sampled ones, even big libraries, that I finally bought one !
    So I suggest you come back to MusicLab\'s site, hear the demos and say what you think... I\'m very curious.

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    Re: New guitar VSTI plugin

    Glad to get a little support. Maybe they clicked on the top of the page instead of the link to:


    I must say, though, that reading the list of features both impresses and worries me. It seems to be pretty comprehensive. It supports twenty-four chord types in any inversion and the makers promise upgrades with more than the three default guitars. But what worries me is how I\'ve grown accustomed to the terminology of sampling and digital music in general, so that now I hardly wince at phrases like \"strum speed adjustable.\"

    Am I correct in thinking that they mean \"Hammer-on\" when they write \"Hummer On, Pull Off emulation\"? I shouldn\'t criticize--this could be a great set of guitars.

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    Re: New guitar VSTI plugin

    Yes Jake,
    I do think that hammer-on is what they mean...
    As for the inversions, this alone may make this a great instrument.
    I really grew sick of those chord libraries which give a chord in just one voicing, making progressions totally articial and amateur.
    And the \"strum speed adjustable\" feature may also be a great winner, if it really keeps its promises...
    Let\'s wait and see eh, listen, to new demos, and more news about that.
    But I\'ll definitely keep an eye on that !

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