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Topic: Schizotobias!

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    Here\'s a little throw-together for our buddy Tobias, who makes some kick-*** percussion.

    Everything you hear is strictly TOB percussion, until you get to the Irish Jig. Yea, that\'s right, Irish Jig.


    ( www.aaronsapp.com/Schizotobias.mp3 )

    - case sensitive -

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    Re: Schizotobias!



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    Re: Schizotobias!

    yeehaaa) Awesome work and really nice use of all those samples. I like the way you used those flute staccs Id love to put this online on my G-Town site. Would that be ok with you A-Sapp? email me to marberger@edithouse.se


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    Re: Schizotobias!

    Hey, glad you enjoyed it! Please feel free to put it up there on your site. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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