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Topic: Shocking newbie question: what's VSTi?

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    Shocking newbie question: what\'s VSTi?

    It\'s one of those things that\'s so commonplace, doing a search on the forum only turns up tons of discussions about it, but no definition [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I\'ve been breezing over it till now since I think it doesn\'t really apply to me. But now it\'s time to finally ask.

    What\'s VSTi? And I guess while I\'m at it, I\'ll ask another noob question: what\'s an impulse? (and is it related to \"altiverb\", something else i keep reading)

    Thanks, guys. Try not to laugh too hard. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Shocking newbie question: what\'s VSTi?

    VSTI is virtual instruments. Meaning that they are softwarebased and can be trigged from VSTI compatible programs (Cubase for ex). A virtual instrument kinda means the instrument is computer/software based and simulates some instrument known from the physical world (could be synths, drums, beats, whatever).

    Altiverb and Acoustic mirror are two similar technologies. An impulse is a soundrecording of a given room. a church for example. What you do is shoot with a pistol and record the ambient noise it \"leaves\" in the room. You record this noise. This noise is your impulse file. When you use it in altiverb or acoustic mirror the computer will calculate a reverb based on your impulsefile (the church pistol shot) and create a reverb that sounds like the one in the church. Its complex algorithms - but for us mortals - it just sounds great.

    Love - Chris

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    Re: Shocking newbie question: what\'s VSTi?

    Thanks Chris. So for example, Atmosphere and Stylus are VSTi instruments?

    Where can one get files to plug into Acoustic Mirror?

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    Re: Shocking newbie question: what\'s VSTi?

    Yes. Atmosphere, Stylus, Trilogy and such are all VST (Virtual Instruments). If you want impulses they can be found on the net and even from people here on Northern. I think Tob tried to make a few of Grebbestadt church. If you want the software (taken for granted you are a pc-user) - you should aquire soundforge 6.0 (which includes acoustic mirror and some impulse files). If you are a mac user - altiverb is the way to go.

    Just keep on asking.

    Love - Chris

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    Re: Shocking newbie question: what\'s VSTi?

    A VST Instrument (VSTi is a ghastly abbreviation promoted by the users, not Steinberg -- sorry, writer with an axe to grind!) is basically a complete musical instrument created in software that\'s capable of running within a music application compatible with the VST Instrument interface, such as Cubase or Logic. Looking at it another way, a VST Instrument is a plug-in that conforms to version 2 of the VST plug-in interface, which allows additional real-time effects to be run within supporting applications. A VST Instrument is basically the same as a VST effects plug-in, except that it allows a MIDI input so that it be used to generate an audio output from whatever algorithm the programmer chooses to create.

    As midphase mentions, virtual instruments are not always VST Instruments, since \'virtual instrument\' is just a generic term meaning and instrument created in software. Software instruments can also run standalone, such as GigaStudio, but there are also many other plug-in interfaces championed by other manufacturers, including:

    RTAS (Real-time Audio Suite), for Pro Tools users.)

    DirectX, a standard devised by Microsoft for Windows users for audio effects. Cakewalk used this as the basis for their DirectX Instrument interface. Most Windows audio software supports DirectX, but AFAIK only Sonar supports DirectX Instruments (OK, Cakewalk did call this DXi from the outset, so maybe that\'s OK!).

    MAS (MOTU Audio System), for Performer users.

    Audio Units, a standard developed by Apple for implementing plug-in audio effects and instruments in OS X applications (similiar to Microsoft\'s DirectX). Currently supported by Logic on OS X and many freeware applications.

    If your host application doesn\'t support VST plug-ins (including Instruments), you can usually persuade it to by means of a wrapper -- a wrapper is a plug-in for the native format that is able to itself host a VST plug-in. Wrappers are available to allow VST plug-ins to run in Performer, Sonar and Pro Tools, amongst others.

    Finally, it\'s worth noting that VST plug-ins that run on Mac OS 9 need to be recompiled (and adjusted in some cases) to run on Mac OS X. But while there\'s much talk of plug-in \'standards\' right now, it\'s important to note that VST is still the only cross-platform plug-in interface for developers, although Cakewalk are currently proposing a consolidation of plug-in formats in a discussion kicking off at NAMM.

    Hope that helps.


    BTW, for a great explanation about impulses, check out some of Gary Garritan\'s posts in the other fourm...

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    Re: Shocking newbie question: what\'s VSTi?


    the new star on convolution heaven seems to be sam7 for PC, i dont know it myself, but it does its job in realtime - other than acoustic mirror. the files are usually .wav .
    for mac, there\'s the incredible altiverb which needs the .wav to be converted to sd split stereo. you can find great (free) files on echochamber.ch but altiverb (as the others) is delivered with a superb library.


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    Re: Shocking newbie question: what\'s VSTi?

    Well, just to add a bit of info, VSTi is a data standard brought on by Steinberg. Steinberg and friends have given any virtual sound modules that support the VST standard the VSTi moniker, but it should be understood that most of the VR instruments out there are not limited to VST technology. Kontakt, Unity, Retro, Absynth, Lounge Lizard, SampleTank and many others support different manufacturers\' standards such as MAS, RTAS, TDM and basic stand-alone modes.

    On the Mac side of things, Audio Units is the new buzz word.....will AU desplace VST? Only time will tell!

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    Re: Shocking newbie question: what\'s VSTi?

    I was wondering if anyone here has successfully integrated TC Works Powercore with Sonar using a VST wrapper.

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