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Topic: Bell Tree Gig

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    Bell Tree Gig

    Does anyone have a bell tree gig I could download?
    Need it for a project.

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    Re: Bell Tree Gig

    Hello Keith,

    I\'ve been meaning to record the one that we have in the studio for a long time and have been slacking. How soon do you need it? I could probably send it to you as an aiff file and you could probably turn it into a .gig instrument.

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    Re: Bell Tree Gig

    Also, look on Worrasplace.com there might be one there!

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    Re: Bell Tree Gig

    Hey, thats great, thanks for your reply. Well, Id need it soon, like by Sunday the 11th
    i know thats pretty tight, I will check Worras to see if they have any.

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    Re: Bell Tree Gig

    The public ftp area at Akai Japan has an S5000/S6000 format Bell Tree.

    The ftp site is down often, but keep trying:


    The belltree is on Vol 5, in the \'other1\' directory.


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