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Topic: MidiOverLan or FXTeleport?

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    MidiOverLan or FXTeleport?

    I\'m going to be running 2 computers networked together and am wondering should I get MidiOverLan or FXTeleport. I am using Sonar 3.0 Producer and will be using the DR-008, hardcore bass, and QLEW Silver. I know FXteleport is strictly vst but I\'m assuming Midioverlan can do it all. Why would anyone use FXTeleport when MidiOverLan is available? Can anyway help me understand the difference between these 2 products?

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    Re: MidiOverLan or FXTeleport?

    MidioverLan is just a midi connection solely AFAIK. Fxteleport actually is an extension of your host sequencer over a LAN. All the effects and vstis you offload to the slave computers are saved in your song. The audio output from the other computers vstis are routed back into your sequencer\'s mixer just a like a regular vsti. Fxteleport is just freaking awesome. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: MidiOverLan or FXTeleport?


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    Re: MidiOverLan or FXTeleport?

    Thanks for the reply. So basically get FXTeleport.....

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    Re: MidiOverLan or FXTeleport?

    well I dont know if you can run it in Sonar without a vst wrapper and that might not work that great.

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    Re: MidiOverLan or FXTeleport?

    Sonar producer comes with a vst wrapper that works great with vst plugins so far with me.

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    Re: MidiOverLan or FXTeleport?

    I must be too slow...I was going to post the same thing!

    FWIW, Lazul is right: MIDIOverLAN just sends MIDI data to/from other machines over a network. I\'m running SONAR 3 Producer in an XP machine & Giga160 on a Win2k machine this way. It works flawlessly.

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    Re: MidiOverLan or FXTeleport?

    Originally posted by Lazul:
    well I dont know if you can run it in Sonar without a vst wrapper and that might not work that great.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">FXT works just fine in Sonar (both 2.2 and 3.0).


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