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Topic: GPO 4 playback help

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    GPO 4 playback help

    Hi, I just loaded GPO4 to my laptop running it with Finale 2010. I have loaded all the banks with GPO4 instruments using the Aria player. However, the playback is choppy only when I have string instruments playing slurs. Is there a way to smooth these out? Any ideas? Thanks.

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    Re: GPO 4 playback help

    Hello, Dharmapaws - It would be helpful to know more exactly what you mean by "playback is choppy." It sounds like you may be talking about the broken up sound people can have when the various buffers, in ARIA, in their recording program, and in their sound interface, aren't large enough and their computers aren't keeping up with the demand. But I can't be sure.

    And let me ask you to re-post this question in the General Discussion Forum. Use the Forum Jump menu to go there - It's the page members visit the most often, not coming to this technical forum very much anymore. It'll be good for you to get some feedback from fellow Finale users, and your question will have a much better chance of being noticed there.


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