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Topic: Sequencers ???

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    Sequencers ???

    I am a cubase user myself but I\'ve been reading here that alot of you guys are using Sonar. I found this surprising. I didn\'t know it was that popular of a sequencer. I thought Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools and Digital Performer were the biggies. I\'m probably out of the loop.

    Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone knows specific areas where some programs may be better than others. Or are they all pretty much functionally equivalent?

    Ben Ripley

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    Re: Sequencers ???

    start searching em and keyboard mags for reviews
    in short: on the mac you got logic and digital
    performer - ( i got logic on windows). may get DP when i cross to a mac eventually.
    on the PC you got cubase SX and sonar. those have demos you can download. generally dp and logic have better features that support scoring,
    but if u have a pc both sonar and cubase are well developed and good programs.

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    Re: Sequencers ???

    I´ve heard that Cubase is used more frequently in Europe while Cakewalk and Sonar are more common in the US. Could that be true?

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    Re: Sequencers ???

    Originally posted by mike harper:
    start searching em and keyboard mags for reviews
    in short: on the mac you got logic and digital
    performer - ( i got logic on windows). may get DP when i cross to a mac eventually.
    on the PC you got cubase SX and sonar.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">On the Mac you have Cubase SX as well. Not to mention Pro Tools which you missed out. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Sequencers ???

    Regaring SONAR, it\'s really a wonderful product, and a wonderful company. I know all of their lead developers, and have a long relationship with both the owner, Greg Hendershott, and the chief technical officer, Ron Kuper. Both are brilliant MIT alums, programmers of the highest quality, and are absolutely lovely individuals above that. I have hung out with their entire development group, had great times out on Beantown, and am very highly impressed with the class and quality of people working on those products. They have a company culture any organization would die for--respectful, enthusiastic, and hard working people who believe in having a good time and serving the community.

    So, I can give my heartiest recommendation to SONAR from a professional and somewhat inside perspective. I give you my word that I honestly hold no prejudice for or against them or anyone for that matter. I respect good people doing a good job, and I appreciate knowing that SONAR is a product to which all of these talented and outstanding people give tremendous effort.

    And it serves me very well. They continue to focus on stability and usable features. They have a great relationship with the Windows operating system. I\'m sure people can think of all sorts of catty remarks. But if you are wanting a Windows sequencer, doesn\'t it make sense that code designed and developed strictly for that platform is desirable? Collaborating with Mac users is no big deal, no matter what the platform, if the file-type support and in/out features are well designed. In my experience, that has been a 100% non-issue.

    I use a lot of other products, too, and am not interested in debating the various merits. I do like DP for the Mac a great deal, and I especially admire some of its scoring-centric features (and have certainly expressed my desire to Ron Kuper to see SONAR be influenced by some of those features). If you\'re looking for a \"paper\" scoring sequencer, SONAR isn\'t particularly dedicated to that (although it produces great parts, and certainly has MIDI-tools which can totally tweak files for export successfully into Finale, et. al.). The editing tools in SONAR are very strong, and very much in the same vein as Sonic Foundry\'s brilliant Vegas, another product that I think is amazing in its simplicity and raw power.

    So anyway, I\'m rambling. Again, ain\'t interested in debating the point. I\'d just like to say I\'d personally stand by a recommendation for SONAR with no reservations. It gets the job done for me. No product can be everyone\'s everything, but SONAR certainly serves all my needs as a stable and flexible DAW application.

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    Re: Sequencers ???

    Yes, Sonar has a fully functional demo.


    -- Martin

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    Re: Sequencers ???

    Does Sonar have a demo that one can download to check it out?

    I use MasterTracks Pro for sequencing and have for 10 years. I know it\'s not considered as one of the premier ones. But I know it so well it\'s hard to consider getting into another. But sometimes I worry that I\'m missing out on great features. Then, other times, I can\'t imagine what I could be missing as it is so versitile and user friendly.

    Nonetheless, there are features I can think of that I would like. But I would guess that no other programs have those features either. Like macro functions for note or controler input. I would like to be able to create macros for glissandos and velocity swells and pitch bends and whatnot. Then just hit a hot key and boom! C to C flute gliss in 32nd notes. Then just highlight it and transpose.

    Dilemnas, dilemnas. *sigh*

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    Re: Sequencers ???

    regarding scoring- i meant film and video scoring.
    for print. i am not sure how the aps compare to one another.

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    Re: Sequencers ???

    I use SONAR simply because I can work really fast in it. The audio part is excellent and much more intuitive than Logic and Cubase. Cubase is a CPU hungry app and Logic is just illogic in my experience. Actually I\'m thinking of downgrading my SONAR to Cakewalk 9 to make it even more speedy.

    Anyway, it\'s not the tools, it\'s the music you make, and you wont make better music in Logic or Cubase SX than in SONAR.


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    Re: Sequencers ???

    I use Cubase SX but have been interesting in Sonar coz I´ve heard that Sonar is much more stable. The problem is I´ve got used to my VST instruments and can´t think of being without them. How good does this DX wrapper (or whatever it´s called) work compared to use VSTi´s directly in Cubase? I would appreciate some feedback from anyone here with that experience. Thanks!

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