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Topic: Requesting a critique...

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    Requesting a critique...

    This is a new piece I just finished like an hour ago, I was almost falling asleep while composing it so it might not be that great (stayed up all night trying to come up with some good themes).

    Action Theme

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Requesting a critique...

    Sounds great!! What libs. did you use? I really like the strings in particular.


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    Re: Requesting a critique...

    GOS 2nd Violins grand det and martele patches, my own strings and DDSS. QLB and my own brass. G-Town Dual Snare, SAM Timpani and Terkelsen Marimba. My own bassoon.

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    Re: Requesting a critique...

    This is the new version of the file. Please tell me what you think.
    Action Theme (new)

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    Re: Requesting a critique...

    I like it. I have a few suggestions...but feel free to blow them off if you want.

    1. The beginning bassoon part might lead in better to the cello ostinato if you accentuate it with something else about half way through it. Double it with an oboe? Add a harmony with a mp solo horn? Something to add a bit of color. You kind of do that with the flute trill...but I just feel it isn\'t quite enough.

    2. Feel free to totally ignore this. But I thought a harp gliss at the end of the cello ostinato would lead into the theme really well. Or something else like that...glockenspiel, string or flute gliss...maybe. That might not fit the feel you want quite right. Ooooh. Maybe you could try a bass instrument gliss there...bassoon. Or maybe just a soft timpani roll...well, nevermind. Actually, it\'s pretty darned good there.

    3. Seperate the brass a bit more at times. Just a short break between the notes will make it sound more like real brass...especially at some of the moving parts.

    4. The section where the strings are predominant right around 1:00 was a bit dry for me. I\'d either do something more complicated with the strings (busier) or add more coloring with other instruments here (flute flutters or other woodwind gliss sounds...maybe off beat, dissonant, high brass hits to throw the ear a bit. Or add a counterpoint. Something????)

    5. There was a filler instrument in there that sounded like some sort of mallet instrument...maybe a marimba??? I would bring that out a bit more. It was kind of cool, but lost in the mix.

    6. The ending was a bit sporatic. You end (unless my ears deceived me) on count 3 with a slight ritard. It just sounded a bit sudden to me. That may be what you intended. But I\'d give it a more definitive ending. Just ending on count 1 of the next measure would solve this...but that may make it sound too simplistic and contrived for what you wanted. But I\'d play around with it a bit. I\'d also make the ending bigger. A song like this (IMO) should either go down to nothing, fading away into the sunset if you will...or else be pretty bombastic. Frankly, I don\'t see any reason why the entire orchestra shouldn\'t be involved, tweeting, trilling, crashing and hooting their brains out here. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Anyhow, like I said...my ideas may not coincide with what you had in mind at all. So feel free to ignore me. But I thought it would be fun to throw out a few ideas I had just at a first listen.

    I do quite like it though.

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    Re: Requesting a critique...

    Yeah to end it like you said would sound too much like John Williams. Yeah that is a marimba. That string part I was just checking could use some flare.

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    Re: Requesting a critique...

    Originally posted by Adam Frechette:
    Yeah to end it like you said would sound too much like John Williams. Yeah that is a marimba. That string part I was just checking could use some flare.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Still, the end kinda threw my ear. Maybe that\'s what you intended. But it was a bit off putting to me. Maybe there\'s another non-John Williams way to treat it that wouldn\'t sound quite as sudden either. Then again, I dig John...so.....


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