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Topic: Kontakt - I bought 1.5, recieved old copy

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    Kontakt - I bought 1.5, recieved old copy

    I posted this in the Native Instruments section but I\'m not sure how many people are floating around over there. In short I ordered Kontakt 1.5 through my local store and when I recieved it and tried to install it, to my surprise they had sent an OLD copy to the store, not v. 1.5. So I went to the online store to get the download, which I figured just would make sense, but the only download they have available is for an upgrade for $29. That\'s a bit rediculous don\'t you think? Does anyone have any info on this little situation?


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    Re: Kontakt - I bought 1.5, recieved old copy

    Hello J.

    If you just purchased Kontakt you are eligible for a free upgrade via download. Last I checked they still actually are not shipping boxed versions of 1.5 just yet.

    Hope this info helps.

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    Re: Kontakt - I bought 1.5, recieved old copy

    Well yes I see where I could download a form and fill it out and in 7 days they will ship me something, but that seems a bit odd. Clearly if I\'ve just purchased the product and registered it they could give me download access or something? But since tomorrow\'s thanksgiving I guess I won\'t be able to talk to anyone until Friday at the earliest, maybe even Monday. I called Emagic this week and they\'re closed all week!!


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    Re: Kontakt - I bought 1.5, recieved old copy

    Call the very nice people at NI sales; there\'s a toll free number. Normally you can choose the download or boxed version of 1.5, but in your case it\'s possible you may have to wait for the boxed.

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    Re: Kontakt - I bought 1.5, recieved old copy

    Calling NI in the US is a joke. You\'ll either get a busy signal, or an invitation to leave a message.

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