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Topic: harpsichord samples

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    harpsichord samples

    I just received these two demos created by John Thomas Temps using the new French harpsichord
    samples from my library Post Historic Keyboards.

    Goldberg Variation 1

    WTC Book 1 Prelude in F Sharp Major BWV 858

    What a joy to hear someone making such great music with an electronic replica of these historic instruments. More info on the Post Historic Keyboards here

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    Re: harpsichord samples

    Beautiful samples! It\'s a library which I enjoy very much, it has a rich and intimous sound.
    On the other hand, it seems like the interpretation could need a bit more rythmic fluctuation, IMO.
    I\'m glad these instruments were sampled, as for we see the more and more pianos on the market, and no more harpsichords, no more organs, no other pinoforte, etc. Well of course there is the need of the market...

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