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Topic: Looking for Latin Percussion...

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    Looking for Latin Percussion...

    I\'ve seen a few libraries, but not a lot of demos. Any recommendations?...Giga or Kontact preferably. Bongos, shakers, the standard stuff for rhumbas, salsas, that type thing.


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    Re: Looking for Latin Percussion...

    www.wizoo.com has a Latin percussion library. They are selling out the EXS24 version in a package toghether with MixTended drums and Acoustic Grand (the piano from The Grand plugin) for $99.
    I just ordered it, should arrive soon lets hope [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Looking for Latin Percussion...

    Hey Sport,I just got N.Y.C PercussionWorks by Sampleheads. Its mapped in AKAI but im importing it straight into Kontakt perfectly.Its totally amazing .The grooves are just really funky and the sound and players are great. My site is still not up but if u e-mail me I`ll send u a cue from a show using it..Rich

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    Re: Looking for Latin Percussion...

    Sonicimplants have a whole bunch of demos online. Just go to this link and scroll down to \"Afro-Cuban (Latin) Percussion\":


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    Re: Looking for Latin Percussion...

    I have the Wizoo Latin Percussion. Generally good stuff, but (very) close miked. This limmits it\'s use IMO. Wouldn\' recommend it in a more natural and ambient setting. Adding reverb won\'t do the trick alone...

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    Re: Looking for Latin Percussion...

    Thanks everyone. Lee, I sometimes use loops, but generally stay away.

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    Re: Looking for Latin Percussion...

    This one is not a dedicated latin perc library, but there is a good cross section in the HipGig kit...distance mic\'d:


    And also: http://www.themusicdifference.com/cgi/download/download.pl?filename=mhip2

    Sample listing is at:

    Peace, Kev

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