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Topic: UAD w/ Dreamverb?

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    UAD w/ Dreamverb?

    Anyone use this card with the Dreamverb plugin? Anyone used it with the pmi BOS? If so, how does it stack up against other high end verbs? Note: the card is NOT compatible with Gstudio, but should be with version 3, so they say!


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    Re: UAD w/ Dreamverb?

    I really like DreamVerb and use it with PMI Bos, albeit sparingly since the PMI Bos dry samples still have quite a bit of ambience. How does DreamVerb sound? The plates are fantastic. The room simulations are very good, better than Waves but not as good as the convo verbs.

    I also find the UAD compressors very useful in giving the PMI Bos a more in-yer-face (almost Bardstown) sound.

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    Re: UAD w/ Dreamverb?

    The only convo I\'ve tried is SIR, which is excellent, but--to my tin ears--not as clean, non-distorting, or as quiet as the \"concert hall\" verb of the (SB!!) \"Audigy 1\" (a gamer\'s card)--that is, when the verb parameters for the Audigy card are carefully adjusted. (The parameters cover quite a few variables, and the card alows all of them to be very finely and accurately adjusted.)

    I know I\'ll take flak for this apparently outrageous assessment: but I\'ve cut hundreds of wav. files using many soft verbs, among which the SIR converb--is one of the best, but the cheapo Audigy 1 verb wins every time. Again, it has to be adjusted very carefully to get a result, but once you get it right it works amazingly well. Absolutely NO distortion or coloration, which is almost always present with other soft verbs.

    Having said that (and I\'m sure no one will believe me) I\'m certain there\'s better out there, and the UAD card, being obviously a superior sound card in every way, might be the one. I\'ll wait for Gig 3 then, maybe, make the $1000 CAN purchase. I\'ve heard the compression capabilities of the card (and associated software) are fantastic, as suggested above!


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    Re: UAD w/ Dreamverb?

    I actually found the UAD dream verb to be kinda muddy compared to the Realverb which i like better. Anyone else finding this..Yea SIR is cool too..Rich

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    Re: UAD w/ Dreamverb?

    I don\'t think you should buy the UAD for the reverbs. The EQ\'s, compressors and effects are the best part of it, even though I use Dreamverb myself sometimes.

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    Re: UAD w/ Dreamverb?


    UAD-1 Card

    $400 firm, kept in a smoke free environment. I upgraded to G5 which is not compatible. Let me know because I\'m planning to put it on ebay Saturday for more.

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    Re: UAD w/ Dreamverb?


    Do You use the SB live and Audigy gsif-drivers from


    Thank You!

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    Re: UAD w/ Dreamverb?

    Well, based on the input so far, which has been very valuable, as usual, I think I may hold off on purchasing this card. SIR is fascinating (and free). My main quibble with it has been that so far all the verbs I\'ve tried with it (and there are MANY available!) all sound as if everying above about 13k (let\'s say the \"high end\") is cut out. So, for example, the ringing tone of many of the notes in the upper register of the pmi BOS is cut out. That may be something to do with the wav forms I\'ve tried. But so far it\'s been universal.

    Michiel mentioned the Wave Arts product, which can be downloaded in demo form. I tried it too, and it\'s actuallly VERY GOOD. The high end is there, and the distortion or coloration of the original sound is pretty low.

    But neither of the above is even close to the verb on the crummy-in-all-other-ways Audigy card. It\'s in a totally different (and higher class) verb. A completely different verb too, by the way, from the verb that came packaged with the older sblive card. No comparison there. Makes me wonder whether Audigy 2 and \"platinum\" Audigy is still better.

    Hans: I\'ve just looked at the url. Very interesting stuff! I\'ll download the drivers and see what happens! By the way, what to you think of the reverb effects on the Audigy card? I think they\'re excellent, but everyone else thinks I\'m pretty much out of my mind.


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