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Topic: Cello and Guitar

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    Cello and Guitar

    I was curious to hear how the garritan Gofriller and guitar would sound together. This is what I came up with.


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    Re: Cello and Guitar

    That was an absolutely lovely piece to listen to this morning, Jay. You wed the two instruments together perfectly. I also enjoyed your thematic material.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Cello and Guitar

    Scrumptious guitar, Jay!--paired with an equally tasty cello line - REALLy nice to hear something spotlighting the good ol' Gofriller Library again, haven't heard it in solo here for quite awhile.

    Really nice piece.


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    Re: Cello and Guitar

    Sean, thanks a lot for the listen and comment. I know this piece is fairly simple but I wanted to dust off the Gofriller and try it out with guitar. I think the sound blend of the two instruments worked okay.

    Randy! Thank you. I did a little adjusting in Kontakt so or could get better control over the vibrato on the cello. The Gofriller is really a nice sample lib and I just have to find more ways to use it because the sound that it produces is so satisfying.

    Thanks to you both. Jay

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    Re: Cello and Guitar

    Well there you go! Now you know how nice they sound together. You have a great style in your writing Jay...very melodic which is not easy to do.

    Thanks for the post.


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    Re: Cello and Guitar

    Thanks you Jim! I plan to write more pieces of this type. Jay

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    Senior Member fastlane's Avatar
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    Re: Cello and Guitar


    Very nice indeed! The pairing of the guitar and Gofriller cello, for me, created a contrast in moods that worked well.

    Yes, very fine melodic lines on this.


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    Re: Cello and Guitar

    Hey Phil! It is nice to hear that the melodic content on this worked for you. The combination of the two instruments worked out better than I thought they would. Thanks for the listen and comments. Jay

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    Senior Member tedvanya's Avatar
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    Re: Cello and Guitar

    I love them together. Very,very nice. Played it 3 times so far....


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    Re: Cello and Guitar

    Thanks Ted! I am glad that you enjoyed this. Jay

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