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Topic: Music for the Turkey

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    Music for the Turkey

    Here\'s a musical tribute to the turkey that got away.


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    Re: Music for the Turkey

    That\'s a really great piece of music Marko. Left me with a big grin on my face.

    What libs did you use? (think I heard some Ethno World in the percussion).

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    Re: Music for the Turkey

    Hey Marko,
    as always, inspired and different. I was looking forward to more from you after the series of KH quartets (which I love and recommend everyone listen to) and you gave me what I was looking for. I look forward to more and bigger orchestral pieces.

    once again really nice work


    Happy Turkey day to all you USer\'s
    from the melancholy, displaced New Yorker

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    Re: Music for the Turkey

    Marko, definitely one of the more creative and attractive compositions I\'ve heard on this site!

    Nice work!

    Kirk Hunter solo strings?

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    Re: Music for the Turkey

    Thanks Marsdy, christianb and Marty,

    I use KHSS throughout this piece, along with the GS piano and loops from Distorted Reality II. The incidental percussion is from several old Kurzweil samples from my K2500 sampler. Nothing in here from Ethno World. I am not familiar with that library.


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    Re: Music for the Turkey

    Very cool, Marko. I really enjoyed it.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Music for the Turkey

    Thanks Martin.

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